Genshin Impact – Local Specialties

Specialties: What Are Each of the Nation’s Local Specialties

Local specialties from each nation currently accessible in Genshin Impact are described in length in this Genshin Impact guide. These materials are, as the name says, only found in the area where they were named. That said, it’s worth noting that these commodities can be employed for both character advancement and crafting purposes. It is also possible to cook with these elements in Liyue, such as the Jueyun Chilis, a local delicacy.

The respawn time for local specialties, unlike other materials, is 2-3 days. Visit a friend’s world if you’re looking for more than your own can provide. Picking up those items is only permitted with their consent.

Mondstadt’s Local Specialties

The Dandelion Seed is the most prominent native delicacy in Mondstadt, the land of the Anemo archon. Using an anemo ability on a Dandelion and then picking up its seeds is the only way to get the seeds Klee, a passive character, can help you find local delights in Mondstadt.

Here’s the full list of Mondstadt’s Local Specialties:

  • Wolfhook
  • Dandelion Seed
  • Cecilia
  • Calla Lily
  • Small Lamp Grass
  • Valberry
  • Philanemo Mushroom
  • Windwheel Aster

Liyue’s Local Specialties

Due to Liyue’s location in the mountains, several of these specialties can be found on the tops of mountains or near cliffs. You can also use Qiqi’s passive to find a variety of specializations strewn across Liyue Harbor.

Here’s the full list of Liyue’s Local Specialties:

  • Glaze Lily
  • Cor Lapis
  • Jueyun Chili
  • Violetgrass
  • Starconch
  • Silk Flower
  • Qingxin
  • Noctilucous Jade

Inazuma’s Local Specialties

An extremely risky and perilous place to explore unless you’ve completed some global tasks. Its Sakura Bloom is a notable feature of Inazuma, which necessitates the use of an electro ability before harvesting the seeds.

Here’s the full list of Inazuma’s Local Specialties:

  • Onikabuto
  • Sakura Bloom
  • Naku Weed
  • Sango Pearl
  • Sea Ganoderma
  • Fluorescent Fungus
  • Dendrobrium
  • Crystal Marrow
  • Amakumo Fruit

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