Genshin Impact – Stage Introduction: Use Surprise Deck to Defeat Maruf (2700 Lucky Coins)

Surprise Deck Challenge, Genius Invokation TCG Duel

Who? Where?

Maruf is the doctor of Aaru Village. His TCG duel is a “Surprise Deck” Challenge, with special rules: you must use a special Deck (not your own deck) to achieve victory and must also meet 2 other challenge objectives.


Special “Surprise Deck” Rules – You must win, do so within 6 rounds, and you must not have more than one of your characters defeated. The big payoff is 2700 Lucky Coins.


The deck you are required to use has lots of costly equipment cards, has very few cards to help you get the right elemental dice or to change characters, and has no healing! Worse, Maruf’s “Overloaded” synergy deck has good cards, healing food, and two monsters use a passive talent that allows them to instantly revive (with 1 HP) the first time they would otherwise have been defeated (so, 5 opponent defeats in all to win.) This the deck you are given to use for this duel:


“To strike your foe takes unity between mind, arrow, and bow.” Kujou Sara is your key victory card in this duel; be careful to use her elemental skill or burst effect that will apply “Crowfeather Cover” wisely.


  • Mona and Sara can use elemental skills to create summons that work well with Nahida’s application of Dendro.
  • With no healing, it is worth forgoing your attack (if you must) in order to change characters and avoid getting Overloaded. That happens when your character (already affected by Pyro or Electro) gets hit with the other element.
  • Use the card “Read Feather Fan” if you draw it. It can help you to escape from a potential Overloaded attack; if you previously changed characters this round, you can change characters a second time as a fast action using one less die. I say one less die (instead of free) because the Electro Hypostasis burst forces you to spend TWO dice to perform a character change, so watch out for that effect. Remember, if you changed characters once already this round, with Red Feather Fan in your support zone, you can (likely) change characters again before ending your turn even with no dice.
  • Crowfeather Cover from Kujou Sara (either from her skill or from her burst) is your winning attack against either the Electro Hypostasis or the Abyss Lector. It has to do with the monsters’ passive talent, and the sequence in which the damage gets applied. See the image below…
  • … when Sara attacks, her electro damage (even with her normal skill) against an opponent that had Dendro or Hydro already applied is impressive. But, then the monsters’ passive talent allows them to instantly revive (with 1 HP.) But, the bonus damage from Crowfeather Cover is applied as a SECOND attack in the same round! So the monster is defeated, comes BACK reviving with 1 HP, and then gets hit with a second attack that does 1 HP more. Go, Sara, go!!

Sara’s “action economy” of getting to apply damage twice with each skill or burst makes having to “defeat” the opponent’s characters a combined total of 5 times possible to achieve! Winning all 3 objectives in the the duel earns you 2700 Lucky Coins, and Maruf’s praise.

Good luck, and have fun!

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