Global Pandemic – Ultimate Mining Guide

In the game world, you can find a variety of raw metal ore rocks and raw mineral rocks, which you break with a pickaxe. This will provide raw ore and raw minerals.

You will not find these randomly around the world – you need to find caves, nearby which or inside, your will find them.

Guide to Mining

Re-spawn Rate

Once mined with the pickaxe, raw Ore/Mineral will re-spawn every 24 hours. They do not always re-spawn as the same raw ore/mineral that they were before.

You put 5 raw ore into the The Blacksmith’s Forge to make 1 Ingot. You use a Pestle and Mortar to ground raw minerals into powder.

List of Raw Ores and Raw Minerals

  • Iron
  • Refined With: The Blacksmith’s Forge
  • Copper
  • Refined With: The Blacksmith’s Forge
  • Zinc
  • Refined With: The Blacksmith’s Forge
  • Sulphur
  • Refined With: Pestle and Mortar
  • Saltpeter
  • Refined With: Pestle and Mortar

The Blacksmith’s Forge

The Blacksmith’s Forge is used to turn raw ore into a usable ingot – which is then used for crafting and building.

Make sure the Forge has fuel that can burn, and light the forge (you will need matches).

Put a stack of 5 raw ore in the forge, and in time they will produce 1 ingot. 5 mud will produce a Clay Brick.

Put inStack requiredMakes
Iron51 Iron Ingot
Copper51 Copper Ingot
Zinc51 Zinc Ingot
Metal Scraps21 Low Quality Metal Ingot
Mud51 Clay Brick

Pestle and Mortar

You use a Pestle and Mortar to ground down raw minerals into their powder form.

Sulphur11 Sulphur Powder
Saltpeter11 Saltpeter Powder
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