Limbus Company – Avoid Mistakes Guide

There are things you should know about game when starting, else you might lose quite some time and resources for no reason.

Guide to Avoid Mistakes

Starting the Game

Gacha Mistake

First mistake is running straight for gacha rolls and then using 2 or 3 -star characters instead of basic ones. You see, basic 12 characters are already strong enough to win the game and they get evolutions for free. Gacha characters require extra late-game resource to evolve, which you simply don’t have and should not waste.

If you mix those 2-3 stars into a team, they will eat experience and denie other versions of themself from leveling up. Later while freebies gonna evolve for free, cool guys and girls will stay weak and get weaker the deeper you go into game. First evolution happens after winning story ‘Inferno-The Outcast’ scenario, followed by second evolution for beating ‘Inferno-The Unloving’.

Evolution grants additional passive bonuses and very strong active skill, while also improving old skills. In Limbus Company evolution mechanic called “Uptie Tier”. You can check it by opening sinners list and click-n-holding left mouse button on any sinner’s portrait.

Another reason to ignore high-star-characters is EGO system. During Gacha rolls you can find characters OR their ego. You start game with 12 basic ego unlocked for free, their rank called “Zayin” (green colour). You can equip five different egos on every character, regardless of how many stars they have. This is why upgrade resources should be spend on ego-moves instead of characters. Characters come and go, ego stays.

Loner Mistake

Do not try to understand everything at once, game has a lot of mechanics thrown at you from get-go, i am not gonna describe them and it’s not needed. What you do need tho is to find a friend with maxed out character (30 lvl). In main menu click Limbus Company logo (near experience bar in bottom left corner of screen). Then switch to “friends” tab, then “add friend”. You can try adding random people or ask for help on forums.

Before starting battle click “Edit Team”, then click any character, then “Support” tab — there you can see characters of your friends and freely equip one of them. But only one can be borrowed, so you still need to do a little bit of planning.

EGO Is Must-Have (Not)

Majority of guides on Youtube are either trolling, giving false information or both at the same time. In order to make a good team there are several complicated tactics. We will not cover them, i don’t want you to pluk out hair. EGO moves is among those tactics, it requires perfect combination of 5 characters as well as math, tons of clicking and memorising numbers. Second system is affinities which are 7 types like sloth, lust etc. We don’t care about them as well. We chill.

What you need is very-very simple, just click and hold portrait of your character in main menu and look to the right. There you can see his 2 active skills and their colour. That’s it, you did half of job already. Now just find 5 characters with similar colours to form a team and during battle, make a chain of similar colours. Done, no complciations. Here is picture of skill colours:

As you can see Teal (light blue) is rarest among all, only sinner 5 and 11 have it and it is their third skill. You unlock third one much later, for now, concentrate on first two. Let’s look at best combo:

2, 5, 6, 11 all have Blue-Yellow colour, which is very good. We can add number 12 as extra character. This team has 11 yellow and 10 blue cards for ridiculous damage and can activate EGO of number 11 every turn thanks to 2blue + 2yellow mana. This squad is enough to beat majority of content, while not really going deep into anything.

Energy and Currencies


To play battle stage you need to spend energy (-18 most of the time). It generates over time at rate of +1 per 6 minutes. Before exiting game make sure to spend it all (i also prefer doing it first time in the morning). If you hit a wall and cannot progress any further, i do not advice to farm campaign levels, since ammount of experience is small and after reaching 12-14 characters lvl it is way too hard to upgrade them any further. Instead, open energy menu in bottom left part of screen, then click ‘Modules’ tab and turn 20 energy into Enkephalin Modules.

Enkephalin Modules

Those are special ‘keys’, you need three to enter randomly generated Mirror Dungeon and daily expeditions (also called ‘Luxcavations’). After beating Mirror you get tons of Lunacy (donator currency), while expeditions provide shard boxes, training tickets and daily completion marks. This is the main way to farm resources and grind experience in Limbus Company. The good news: your character level outside mirror dungeon does not matters… Cus inside they always start at lvl 10 and have separate ways to improve during run. But collected EGO does matters, so the more you have, the easier to beat mirrors. Also evolved characters are preferable here.

Shard Boxes

Boxes with loot giving hero shards to exchange for heroes or EGOs in shop (which it is called ‘Dispense’). Not much i can tell about them, since to buy a single EGO or high-star character you have to bring around 400 shards (months of grind). Alternatively, shards can be turned into ‘threads’ at 1:1 ratio and used for evolution, this way any unneeded shards are still usefull.

Training tickets

Those are straightforward experience boosters for characters. There are three qualities: bronze +50 exp, silver +200 exp, golden +1000 exp.

Completion marks

Each season in Lumbus Company takes around 3 months of time and provides new gachas, characters and egos. On top of it players can farm so-called ‘completion marks’ by doing daily, weekly and seasonal quests, as well as clearing Mirrors (3 times per week). Marks contribute towards unique seasonal pass, unlocking 60 juicy rewards… Among those you can even find EGOs for free.

What is EGO anyway?

For short, this is ultimate move, unique for certain character from our roster of 12. It requires coloured mana to be casted and deals significant ammount of dmg, just enough to instantly win clash with enemy (we talk about it in later guide section). Each character can carry 5 of them and manifest all during battles, but at a cost of sanity and risk going berserk. Calling EGO transforms you into a monster or creates weird abomination / weapon. But hey, it looks cool!

A little pre-story

Lobotomy Corporation, which is now ruined due to huge catastropchic incident, was responsible for creation of EGOs. They found ‘magical water source’ deep underground and pretty much experimented with it by drugging humans, turning them into abnormalities. In the end it was decided to put monsters in cages and let workers go inside to study or conversate. It created lots of emotional pressure, causing emotions of both monsters and humans to resonate. This resonance was a good source of energy and led to L.Corp downfall.

Since then, any high emotonal distress causes people to feel weird and manifest feelings in form of weapons, armor, or even extra body parts. Sometimes emotions are way too strong and you cannot revert to normal form, forever turning into abomination. Magical water was called Enkephalin, that is our energy to be used for battles by feeding it to ‘Bus’.


There are five known types of abnormalities and EGOs: Zayin, Teth, He, WaW and Aleph.

  • The basic one is Zayin — creatures and equipment of this type are weak. Majority of Zayin enemies die from single attack and may not even posses any threat. Some EGOs may not be strong enough to break through boss attacks, so don’t expect much from it.
  • ‘Teth’ is a bit stronger version of monsters, in Lobotomy Corporation it was considered low-risk low-reward and more like annoyance to workers.
  • ‘He’ is lethal and dangerous creatures, can be considered Bosses, able to one-shot if you don’t know what you are doing. This is why reading encyclopedia is important (the more you fight same creature, the more info revealed about it).
  • ‘WaW’ are proper Bosses with several stages, often have abnormalities of lower rank as supportive minions and capable of attacking other creatures around them. They often cause changes in enviroment, emotions and scenery. Strong enough to kill whole party of characters and require special approach.
  • ‘Aleph’ are what can be called ‘catastrophe size of a town’. You do not want to ever meet a single creature of such caliber. Those can destroy whole towns solo and start full fledged war, replicate, regenerate, multiply itself and engulf everything around. Just their visual appearence is enough to cause irreversable damage to human sanity. Even greatly prepared army may fail against them, unless you send someone with Aleph EGO equipment.



There are lots of stuff going on during battles, so even players who already sinked good ammount of time into game have no idea how it works due to absolute chaos. So lets make it simple. The only thing you should care during Limbus Company battles is winning clashes. A clash is situation where your character and enemy attacking each other, so their swords clang. One will be victorious and continue swinging sword, other one will lose and take damage, possibly gets stunned or even killed.

Look at the picture below, there are many numbers, but you only care about one — clash power. Upper number shows minimum power, bottom number shows maximum power. During clash you toss coin randomly which determines if you have min or max number. Same for enemy.

Always make sure your minimum power higher than enemy minimum and your maximum is higher than enemy maximum. In that case even if both combatants have same luck you still going to win clash. Sometimes enemy attacks with super weak move and his maximum power so low that even your minimum power can beat it. In that case, enemy is doomed to lose clash no matter what. Sadly, same can happen to you in later story chapters, where opponent engages with 14 power and you have only 12 at best. What to do in this case?

Dodge and Block

If opponent has way too much power and will mostlikely win clash, you can turn attack into Dodge or Block (depends on character). Dodge is good if enemy attacking with few coins, since you can dodge all their hits one after another IF coin toss luck on your side… Else you just get destroyed and nothing can be done about it. Block will create small ammount of extra helath for character to tank some damage, but in most cases the ammount is enough to protect, at best, from one enemy attack. There is also counter, which does not makes any sence — you have to take the hit first and after that counter-attack enemy, but in most cases taking a hit means getting stunned right away, so no counter can happen.


Yes, there is this feature called ‘auto-battle’. It is locked until you beat campaign stage for the first time,- it looks like big gear in bottom right corner of screen. There are two styles for auto: to fight with higher win chances or with higher damage. Both cases can be bad and end up losing you the match. Here is a picture where i tell team of four characters to auto-attack three staggered enemies, normally it should mean you just win right away, but system is dumb so here what happens:

As you can see, my fighters decided to ignore one of the enemies for no reason. If i would allow this to happen, battle will take another round to be finished. Which is not good and can cause some extra damage taken for free. Since even first hit will kill abnormality, other attacks will just cancell. So i strongly suggest not using ‘auto’ feature during abnormalities battles against more than 1 alive opponent. But, when fighting humans (bandits) your team always attacks closest enemy, if he dies, they redirect remaining attacks to next target. This way feature can speed up process a little bit.

Questions and Answers

How does coin luck works?

Noone knows. Game says you have higher luck if character has good ‘mood’ (it is also can be called psychological resolve / sanity). You can check it opposite of character hp. Max sanity is +45 (blue colour), min is -45 (red).

How to increase sanity?

Kill enemies, win clashes, do not lose characters. Using some EGO moves can reduce or increase sanity. For example, Faust EGO of rank Zayin increases sanity for whole team, which greatly boosts coins luck.

What if my dodge, block and power are weak?

Well, you have only one option left to win clash — use EGO move, since it has 16+ min power and does not depends on coin luck as much as normal attacks.

How to increase min/max power for my characters?

Only one way — to evolve them to tier 2 and 3. Attacks will become stronger, allowing to win more. Also third attack of every character (which is unlocked at tier 3) is always much stronger than first two. This is why i suggest using only basic 12 characters due to free evolution costs.

What happens when sanity is low -45?

Well, if such character manifests EGO attack, there are good chances to turn into abnormality and attack your own team. Unlikely this is going to happen.

What if both my character and enemy have same min/max power?

They will clash again and again until luck leaves one of them: unlucky person gets min power, while lucky one gets max. And then victor’s damage significantly increases, depending on how many times they clashed. You can use this as advantage, if character already has +45 sanity, by picking attack skill that exactly equals enemy skill. But you still can lose…

Where to Spend Resources?


Some players on forum stating that it is hard to play Limbus Company because they can’t get new characters and the ammount of Lunacy game provides is low. Well, it was never a problem for me thanks to few basic rules. When new gacha event starts we can participate to try and get two new unique identities (characters). So far i participated in each of those events and was able to pull their unique character from every ’10x try’. After getting just one or even both of them — stop spending lunacy until next event. This allows to have enough reinforcements hero roster at steady pace, while not overspending.

You get lunacy from several sources, the major one is clearing weekly Mirror Dungeons (+250 for victory), completing campaign mode AND collecting identities. Yes, there is some sort of journal that allows to activate indentities combo in order to receive free lunacy +40. We even receive small novell stories explaining what happened to the chacarter or a whole gang. To check a journal click “Theater” button in main screen, then “Identitiy Archives”.

There are two archive types — Mirror World allows to see different versions of characters from parallel realities, including their faction. And Identity Archive shows all unlocked version of each character. Fun fact: you can choose character (any version) then click “dialogue” button > there you can listen to character replies of specific actions AND actually read subtitled translation of their words, which is unavailable during battles. Now you can finally understand what they are mumbling about xD

Ego Shards

You get shards mostly by pulling same character again from gacha. A whooping 400 needed to buy something good from shop at 3-stars or 150 shards for 2-stars. Alternatively, you can buy EGO attacks directly. Now look, buying character for 400 and then randomly pulling him from gacha, means getting only +80 or so ego shards back, so ammount of wasted shards is enormous 320. Instead, just buy EGO for 400, since it sticks to every version of character and will be auto-deleted from future gacha pulls, increasing chances to get other rewards which were not received yet. Win-win situation.


Threads are rare resource which is very hard to farm, the main source is to convert ego shards. You spend threads to uptie (evolve) characters and threadspin (evolve) EGOs. This allows to increase power, unlock new abilities and sometimes even change visual portraits. 12 starter characters and their EGO going to evolve on their own for free after you win some story chapters. But any gacha pulls, event rewards and other non-starter versions will require threads, a lot of threads.

So should you just convert all ego shards into threads and evolve everyone? No! Some characters are stronger than others, some EGO can hit multiple targets and sometimes even heal teammates. It is up to you to investigate which character and ego are worthy. But overall, investing into 3-stars is not a bad idea. I have created a team of 5 fighters for each EXP Luxcavation Dungeon, each team of five shares same attack type (slash / pierce / blunt), so i can easely use specific team when needed. If a new character appears with usefull attack type i switch him with one of the starters.

Not buying from the shop at all is good idea, cus you can simply conentrate on free EGO received from battle pass, as well as leveling event characters whenever you pull them every 7-14 days. This is what i do and it works just fine. Now there are two types of boxes, one allows to get more ego shards but fully randomised, the other allows to get less shards but of your choise. It might be a good idea to farm non-random boxes by the end of season to actually purchase something for 400 shards if you already collected 350+ for specific character. Else i strongly suggest to just stick to random boxes and turn it all into threads. If you really-really love one of the identities or like their’s huge power, go ahead and try collecting all 400 shards to maybe get their ‘He EGO’.

Defensive Moves

Instead of attacking with skill or EGO you can click character icon once to turn bottom row action into defensive move. This can be repeated for several slots. Depending on character there are total 3 moves: shield, evade and counter. All of them considered ‘last resorts’ and should be used only when there is no other choise. For example, if enemy is too powerfull and 100% sure going to win clash, there is no point to clash him, since that will amplify final damage for clash winner. The more coins loser has, the more benefits amplification provides.


This move allows to add extra temporary HP for character, from my observation, around 8-20. Not a bad ammount, but most of the time enemy kicks for 30+ dmg while also applying some negative effects. If multiple opponents attack same shield, it will pop real fast. The good reason to use it – if you wanna save some ammo and or skip attacking entirely cus enemy’s shield is too thick.


This is a weird move, since requires enemies to actually attack character with full force, then retaliation activates once for every attack ‘eaten’. Now, eating attacks directly most of the time means getting staggered or even killed, so counter not going to activate. It might be good idea to use if several weak opponents are focusing same target and you have great resists against their damage type.


Now this move is actually very good. If luck is on your side, evade coin able to boost overall evade power to 12-14 and it counts as ‘clash’, so enemy forced to clash with evade like it is normal skill. The good news — infinite ammount of attacks can be evaded with single evade. This trully allows to mitigate tons of damage. The bad news — opponent attempts to bypass evade for every coin and if even a single one successes, evade turns off, allowing following attacks to go directly into unprotected character, ouch.

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  1. The color chart for base identities has many errors regarding gloom (light blue) and pride (dark blue). Yi sang, Gregor, and Ishmael all have gloom while Outis and Mersault don’t. Although you put a lot of emphasis on building a team that can activate absolute resonances easily and get lots of resources quickly, I would say that having a team that resists the enemy’s damage types and outputs a fatal damage type is more important. The most important time in an encounter is the first few turns, when your sinners have base sanity. Getting unlucky with an entirely offensive team can cost you the entire fight if many of your sinners are weak against the enemy’s damage type. With a team that has the resistances to be able to lose clashes the first few turns become less luck based and you can build resources to use ego and turn the tide as the fight goes on rather than having casualties early on.

    • Regarding counter skills, their point is not to reduce damage like evade and counter skills, but rather to get damage in where you otherwise couldn’t. A good example would be if an enemy close to staggering attacks a sinner with a counter skill active. The sinner will take damage, but the counter dice will cause them to deal damage back and hopefully stagger the attacker. Counter skills can also be used if you have no hope of winning a clash, since an attack skill that loses a clash will do no damage but a counter skill will always do damage. Counter skills also have a color affinity so they can be used to create resonances in the right situations. Also, one thing you didn’t mention in your guide was the importance of offense/defense levels. It’s not well explained in the game, but higher offense level means that attack skills will do more damage, while a higher defense level will mean incoming attacks do less damage.

  2. Which is better: trying to collect egoshards to buy things at the dispense and use threads to upgrade what I can and use the lunacy for random chance, or rely on the lunacy for getting stuff and turning the egoshards into thread to uptie everything gotten?

    • Collecting 400 egoshards is very hard and just not worth it in my oppinion. I am using Lunacy for every new roll event to get unique new identities, besides that there is no point to waste it. Uptieing is good idea for characters you like.

  3. This is a really good guide for getting started. I think you should elaborate more on the Sinner identities and why sticking with the starters is a good move – this could be its own breakdown.

  4. Very good guide, matches up well with everything I knew.
    Was not aware coin flip odds fluctuated with sanity.

  5. nice guide bro
    can i ask few thing?
    -should i add section 6 ryousho and double down with yellow blue?
    -in current content when def and counter matter, i feel missing big part of game not understating how def and counter work

    • Hey, im not author but… I am not using def and counter at all. Def gives only 6-10 dmg block and enemies attack for 12-16 dmg so there is no point in defing. And they do love to focus fire a single character for 70+ dmg. As for counter, you have to ‘eat’ enemy dmg first in order to activate it, so you just get staggered instantly before coutnering. Developers need to balance those mechanics, along with dodge.

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