Limbus Company – Avoid Mistakes Guide

There are things you should know about game when starting, else you might lose quite some time and resources for no reason.

Guide to Avoid Mistakes

Starting the Game

Gacha Mistake

First mistake is running straight for gacha rolls and then using 2 or 3 -star characters instead of basic ones. You see, basic 12 characters are already strong enough to win the game and they get evolutions for free. Gacha characters require extra late-game resource to evolve, which you simply don’t have and should not waste.

If you mix those 2-3 stars into a team, they will eat experience and denie other versions of themself from leveling up. Later while freebies gonna evolve for free, cool guys and girls will stay weak and get weaker the deeper you go into game. First evolution happens after winning story ‘Inferno-The Outcast’ scenario, followed by second evolution for beating ‘Inferno-The Unloving’.

Evolution grants additional passive bonuses and very strong active skill, while also improving old skills. In Limbus Company evolution mechanic called “Uptie Tier”. You can check it by opening sinners list and click-n-holding left mouse button on any sinner’s portrait.

Another reason to ignore high-star-characters is EGO system. During Gacha rolls you can find characters OR their ego. You start game with 12 basic ego unlocked for free, their rank called “Zayin” (green colour). You can equip five different egos on every character, regardless of how many stars they have. This is why upgrade resources should be spend on ego-moves instead of characters. Characters come and go, ego stays.

Loner Mistake

Do not try to understand everything at once, game has a lot of mechanics thrown at you from get-go, i am not gonna describe them and it’s not needed. What you do need tho is to find a friend with maxed out character (30 lvl). In main menu click Limbus Company logo (near experience bar in bottom left corner of screen). Then switch to “friends” tab, then “add friend”. You can try adding random people or ask for help on forums.

Before starting battle click “Edit Team”, then click any character, then “Support” tab — there you can see characters of your friends and freely equip one of them. But only one can be borrowed, so you still need to do a little bit of planning.

EGO Is Must-Have (Not)

Majority of guides on Youtube are either trolling, giving false information or both at the same time. In order to make a good team there are several complicated tactics. We will not cover them, i don’t want you to pluk out hair. EGO moves is among those tactics, it requires perfect combination of 5 characters as well as math, tons of clicking and memorising numbers. Second system is affinities which are 7 types like sloth, lust etc. We don’t care about them as well. We chill.

What you need is very-very simple, just click and hold portrait of your character in main menu and look to the right. There you can see his 2 active skills and their colour. That’s it, you did half of job already. Now just find 5 characters with similar colours to form a team and during battle, make a chain of similar colours. Done, no complciations. Here is picture of skill colours:

As you can see Teal (light blue) is rarest among all, only sinner 5 and 11 have it and it is their third skill. You unlock third one much later, for now, concentrate on first two. Let’s look at best combo:

2, 5, 6, 11 all have Blue-Yellow colour, which is very good. We can add number 12 as extra character. This team has 11 yellow and 10 blue cards for ridiculous damage and can activate EGO of number 11 every turn thanks to 2blue + 2yellow mana. This squad is enough to beat majority of content, while not really going deep into anything.



  1. nice guide bro
    can i ask few thing?
    -should i add section 6 ryousho and double down with yellow blue?
    -in current content when def and counter matter, i feel missing big part of game not understating how def and counter work

    • Hey, im not author but… I am not using def and counter at all. Def gives only 6-10 dmg block and enemies attack for 12-16 dmg so there is no point in defing. And they do love to focus fire a single character for 70+ dmg. As for counter, you have to ‘eat’ enemy dmg first in order to activate it, so you just get staggered instantly before coutnering. Developers need to balance those mechanics, along with dodge.

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