Halls of Torment – Shield Mastery III Achievement Guide

How to get the 3M Damage with Shield Bash.

Guide to Get Shield Mastery III Achievement


  • Helmet: War Horns

*This is used for the debuff to mobs.

  • Armor: Blazing Armor, Plate Armor; Blood Soaked Shirt

*Bash Scaled off Block Strength so more block = more dps.

  • Gloves: Hunting Gloves

*Could use spellcasters for DPS boost turning off main attack since bash autoprocs.

  • Ring: Iron Ring and Guiding Star

*We want faster attacks and we don’t move much so BIS with iron ring that give strong flat dps.

  • Boots: Plated Boots

*Block strength.

  • Amulet: Jade or Collar of Confidence

*Either go with more Exp since we do not get a lot of levels or go with more DPS since we have swarms of enemies around us at all times.


Easy and straight forward:

  • Do not get any ability scrolls.
  • Turn off main attack.

Level up choices in order:

  • %Damage
  • Block Strength


  • Crit% Does nothing since Bash does not crit.

With any luck you should hit this achievement by the 6:00 min mark.

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  1. You can cheese a bunch of damage on the viaduct level. run all the way to either end where the ghost army is marching toward you. they each have like 10m health so you can just stand right next to them and farm damage. Obviously this works for every character unlock for things like applying debuffs 500k times or do 3m dmg etc.

  2. Got this one but with different setup, I use Dragon Fire abilitiy.

    My set up is: atk spd + aoe buff + damage + range ( I dont have Guiding Star when I achieved it)

    Gear: Ruby Circlet (Core Item), Duellst Spark (Core Item), Pest Ring (Optional), Jade Amulet (Core), Quickhand Gloves, Runner Shoes, Armor slot doesnt matter.

    Once Dragon Fire trigger = 60% damage bonus, plus 50% damage bonus from Duelist Spark… ez run

  3. I followed your guide, but only had Plate Armor, Plated Boots, and Exp neck from your guide. still was able to do it, just took until 3 minutes or so.

  4. You can also use Armor of shadows as it gives 10 block, downside to it is that it also summons pools of aoe damage which may steal your kills.

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