Hero’s Adventure: Road to Passion – Tips for Skill Maxing

Useful Tips for Skill Maxing

Once you Max one of the Skills, you unlock a trait for character creation that gives you +30% EXP for that row.

TLDR: Join Langya Sword Pavillion, max Mining and Craft Weapon Easily. Join Taoist Sect, you will max out Alchemy by following Sect Tasks, Their Store also has all the Herbs you need.

Max out 1 of each row to make it easier to max the rest in a future run


  • Mining – Go to Langya Sword Pavillion, Their backyard has 10 Mines, with 3 being Legendary. This will give you the most EXP. Langya Sword Pavillion Sect also sells 500 Mining EXP books in their Sect Shop.
  • Chopping – Do the Nameless Village Blacksmith Quest to get the +100% Chopping EXP Accessory. Soul Destoryer Forest near Chuxiang has Epic and Legendary Trees to chop. Bring Food with you
  • Harvest – There’s a Legendary Herb Patch in Soul Destroyer Forest and 3 Epic Patches
  • Bug-Catching – In Chuxiang Hotel, Do Jiang Ziyan’s Quest and chose the fight together option. This will give a +100% Bug-Catching EXP, and higher chance for higher rarity bugs which gives more exp
  • Fishing – You can fish in Upper Left Lin’an City, Soul Destroyer Forest, or Hidden area Waterfall in Lower left of Lin’an Region


  • Craft Weapon – Join Langya Sword Pavillion. They give you a bunch of Weapon Recipes (Sect Quests and Recruit Ou w/ Level 4 Mining). They sell a 500 Craft Weapon EXP book in the sect shop.
  • Craft Armor – There is only 1 recipe I know of and its only Blue rarity. Its not worth maxing this out.
  • Cooking – You can get cooking recipes all over the place. Biggest sources of EXP is from Diliang Butcher who teaches 1600 Cooking EXP. Otherwise join Shifa Temple and Do the Cooking Quest before you start the 2nd Shifa Quest and lose the Chef. Cooking Higher Level foods give more EXP.
  • Alchemy – Join Taoist Sect. They will make you max it as part of their Alchemy Tasks and the Herb shop will have all the Herbs you need to make the pills. Just buy them all everyday.
  • Craft Tool – Get recipe from recruiting Nameless Village Blacksmith, find higher tier recipes around towns in chests. Craft them at Benches in City Shops that sells tools or Nameless Village’s abandoned shed after you attack the debris and clean up he place.


  • Appraise Artwork – Buy from Pawn Shops, learn from Pawn Shops/Stores that sell Vases/Appliances. Join Confucius Temple, and Learn from the Calligraphy Guy
  • Appraise Book– Buy from Pawn Shops, learn from Pawn Shops/Bookshops. Join Confucius Temple, and Learn from the Poem Guy
  • Appraise Book – Buy from Pawn Shops, learn from Pawn Shops/Antique Shops. Join Confucius Temple, and Learn from the Fan Guy
  • Appraise Accessory – No Buy-able Accessories, learn from Pawn Shops/Accessory/Clothes Shops. Join Confucius Temple, and Learn from the Mute Girl.
  • Appraise Medicine – Learn from Taoist Sect Zhang Lata. Buy Nameless Medicine from Lin’an Market Street Performer.


  • Persuade – Learn from Waiters in Wine Shops. Kill them and they will re-spawn after a while. Otherwise do Both Scholar Exams, and do the Confucius Exam, gain Trait for +15% EXP. Join Confucius Temple, Read Book, get around 3000 EXP
  • Mercantile – Buy a bunch, Learn from Merchants. Join Confucius Temple, Read Book, get around 3000 EXP
  • Explore – Walk around and pick stuff up. Join Confucius Temple, Read Book, get around 3000 EXP
  • Pathfinding – Walk around on the World Map, Learn from Tiger Escort Leader. Join Confucius Temple, Read Book, get around 3000 EXP
  • Beast Taming – Learn from Nameless Village Hunter or Lin’an Market Monkey Trainer. Feed your Pet. Join Confucius Temple, Read Book, get around 3000 EXP

Market / Street

  • Steal – Join Nest of Swallows to learn. Sect Shop sells 500 EXP Book. Just Steal a lot.
  • Immobilize – Join Crime Investigation Bureau. Sect Shop sells EXP Book. Just Use it a lot, no shortcuts
  • Poison – Learn Poison Action from a Manual, Raise Toxicology. Poison people outside of battle. (Not sure if you can max)
  • Machinery – Learn from Tomb Raider Sect, Confucius Temple Wheelchair guy, Hooded guy in Jiuijiang Water camp, Open Chests with the Machinery Option. Should be just enough Learn EXP and Chests to Max out without the trait.
  • Ambush – Learn from Woman Owner of Diliang Casino/Zhangyue Casino. Use use it a lot, no other sources of EXP
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