Hi-Fi RUSH – How to Beat Room 9

You have beaten all of the 8 SPECTRA doors… only to find 8 more. One is nearly impossible… Room 9. This is a guide to help beat that door.

Guide to Beat Room 9

So you’ve beaten rooms 1-8…

Congratulations! You have beaten the easy versions of the challenges… You know this because you’re looking at this guide. For those who haven’t beaten those rooms, this guide is not for you. Nevertheless, you have unlocked the SPECTRA HUB and unlocked the hard versions of challenges. All of them are still somewhat straight forward to beat, just being harder versions of rooms 1-8. All except 9.

For some damn reason, the developers thought it would be a funny joke to make a challenge where the timer counts down when touching the ground where the second half of the round is with ground enemies only. While there are combos to send enemies flying, most require the pressing of the heavy attack button, which means you’ll only be able to lift one enemy. So what is a person to do?

In this guide, I will tell you how to complete room 9. While still insanely difficult, it’s still easier to do this then trying to blindly get door and achievement. Speaking of…

So listen up…

Step 1: Chips

The most important selection you’ll need to make before doing this is chips. In order to even attempt this challenge, it’s recommended that you have at least 4-5 chip slots unlocked.

The most important ones to equip are these three:

You’ll see why the “Instant Partner Recharge” and “Macaron’s Lucky Punch” in step 2, but the main one to unlock is at least a level 2 or 3 “Super High Alert” chip.

This chip is the most important one to unlock because it’s ability allows us to counter attack from a parry, sending an enemy up in the air for 30 Beats if you don’t hit them. Keep this in mind for the later steps.

Moving on…

Step 2: The Strat

The strat is very simple, but I’m too lazy to make a YouTube guide or screenshot every step, so here’s the way you beat this room.

  1. Jump as soon as the timer goes off and combo attack every flying enemy, hooking between them to not touch the ground. Easiest one to do is light combo, but any combo done perfect on each one should wipe them out.
  2. After defeating the first wave, touch the ground while enemies spawn in. Then spam Peppermint and Macaron in while saving Korsica’s spawning in. Spam Macaron’s twice if needed with a bar from your meter (I told you that you’d need that Instant Partner Recharge chip.). Make sure you single jump on each beat while doing this to slow the timer.
  3. If you see one of them winding up for an attack, stop jumping. Parry the attack, and then wait for the counter attack with Korsica. Use the now Levitating Enemies to stay up in the air with your hook while you spam more partner attacks below.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you finally kill all the enemies on the ground. If the last enemy remaining if the hovering one, do an air combo to kill him.

If you struggle with the last 1-2 enemies, hooking between them on the ground can also slow the timer while you wait for the partners (Peppermint and Macaron) to finally kill them. Do these steps correctly, and you’ll have gotten the the challenge competed (as well as an easy S-rank, probably.).


You did it! Also, if you beat all 16 rooms, you get the True Ending of Hi-Fi Rush, as well as a new costume for Peppermint! I hope this tutorial helped those who really got stuck on this section of the game.

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