Honkai: Star Rail – Phantylia the Destruction F2P Guide

Phantylia the Destruction F2P Guide

Since I was struggling to defeat her (lv.58), I thought I’d share the following tips (you’ll find them listed).

My team composition is as follow (in addition to Jin Yuan that you imperatively have to add):

The Team

A healer to debuff those flower attacks

I’m not into a healing defense gameplay since I tend to throw attacks as quickly as possible so I’ve had to upgrade her rapidly.

An imagination character

Here you can switch with Luocha as a healer and replace Natasha with an attack-type character.

The first one to leave the fight lmao, another attack-type character


  • I’ve tried Serval as a replacement for Dan but you need to have the Wind damage dealer, and so Bronya didn’t work as well.
  • Blade neither because he can’t survive (at least with my current build).
  • My light cones are lv.60 and traces 3/10 just so you know.


  • Use your food and buffs as soon as the battle starts so that the ULT are ready and use them.
  • Focus on healing Jin Yuan more.
  • On the first and third phases, focus on the flowers that regenerate energy so that you can use it.
  • Press the ultimate button as soon as it appears in order to first defeat the flowers than Phantylia.
  • On the second phase, focus on Phantylia herself because the flowers stay shielded.
  • If you have Jin Yuan already, compare him with the in-game first.
  • When she does the star crushing attack, the healing ult should have recharged so use it as well.
  • In the second phase, Dan Heng (imagination) comes to aid and lasts until the third phase, ofc use him

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