Honkai: Star Rail – The Vidyadhara Mural Seal Puzzle

How to Solve The Vidyadhara Mural Seal Puzzle

This part of the game is the easiest as long as you listen and understand intentively to the description on the mural Dan Heng explains. The pictures above are the murals in order.

The first mural provides the hint, “Vidyadhara egg begins to form”. this indicates the beginning of the Vidyadhara life cycle, and the first ceremonial lamp to light.

The second mural provides the hint, “Our reincarnation’s greatest cost, the wisdom of a past life lost”. this indicates of just right after beginning of the birth cycle and is quite self-explanatory to the fact that the Vidyadhara are not able to remember their previous life.

This is the second ceremonial lamp to light. The third mural is which Dan Heng explains it portrays the Vidyadhara young where they try to find out what they want to do and what they want to be in order to serve the Alliance.

This is the third ceremonial lamp to light.

The fourth and last mural, describing the “limit” and returning to the start of the rebirth cycle.

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