Honkai: Star Rail – Xianzhou Luofu Eastern Eggs

Seven Cycranes

In charge of freight, it is not only the Starskiffs that come and go. Some smaller items are usually transported via Cycranes. The operation of these Cycranes is more similar to that of today’s “quick delivery”, in that a single Cycrane would only be responsible for transport between two transit stations, and the transit station where the destination is located will be responsible for delivering the items to the designated location. Some of the Cycranes that worked for the Realm-Keeping Commission can even play a monitoring role.

These Cycranes are supposed to be set up like machines and perform their established duties in an orderly manner. However, in exploring the world, we will occasionally encounter some lost Cycranes, and will be rewarded with a treasure chest for guiding them safely to the designated location. This is a bit confusing: there is nothing wrong with the wayfinding of these Cycranes, so why would they get lost? After finding all the “lost” birds, an extremely bizarre eastern egg seems to explain this phenomenon.

On a bridge near the Heron Express Specialist Ziqiao, a Cycrane stood by the pa-r-a-p-e-t looking out at the incoming and outgoing Starskiffs. Unlike other Cycranes, it has the word “Depressed ” in its name.

How can a Cycrane understand “depression”? It is just showing a depressing feeling on its face, but deep down it is just using the so-called “thinking about the true meaning of life” as an excuse to skip work. After pointing out this, we go back to communicate with Ziqiao. This time we know that there are still six more inexplicably offline. Thus begins the “bird-catching operation.”

The location of the second one is not far from the depressed one. This Cycrane doesn’t even pretend but directly shows its great resentment of work. In order to be able to make us empathize, it also left a logistical navigation map that only provides a general range. It will go back to work as long as we use this map to find it.

This map is exactly the confusion of the blindfold. The Cycrane will not stop there for you to find, he has long flown to other places. According to the hints, we finally follow the path below the map to a small corner, where the Cycrane is waiting. Seeing that we also have such excellent wayfinding ability, it can only take the “grievance” back to work.

The third one is located at the grocery store in the center of the map. It stands in a pile of Cycranes models for three days and nights to prove that no one else could recognize it in the models. After being exposed by us at the last minute, it decides to start another bet with us, in which we will ask it three questions and judge whether its answers were true or false.

Since this bet involves a logical trap, i.e., the initiative of the answer is in the hands of others. Unless the questioner asks self-contradictory and paradoxical questions, it is difficult to determine the truth or falsity of the answer. Finally, after we repeatedly ask about its gender, it finally recant and give a wrong answer. It seems that this time, we help the store owner to recover a large amount of losses.

The fourth bird was located near the square in Exalting Sanctum and is playing with some children when we see it. Their names are also interesting, both “Stonker” and “Xiaomei”, which are the usual nicknames for male and female characters in short film and television commentary videos on mainland China. I actually found it a bit funny when I first saw these names and contexts.

The reason for this Cycrane skipping work is simple: it is idolized for solving children’s homework and falls in love with this feeling of being worshipped. After correctly answering the “problem” that it could not solve, it has to go back to work after losing its idol halo. As for how to solve this problem, do not think about it, just choose FIVE!

Afterwards, we come to a path near the flowing cloud ferry. We will find another Cycrane perch on a pile of logistics boxes. For some reason, we actually take it as the evil dragon guarding the treasure, and want to take its “treasure” when the “evil dragon” is distracted.

The funny thing is that after we directed ourselves to move half a day of logistics boxes, only to find that this Cycrane is in a state of downtime. It turns out that it downloads too many movies. Then it falls into the logistics boxes by mistake. After being fixed, it goes back to work.

The sixth Cycrane is located near the Cloudford: Skiff Boarding Area. It explains a lot when we see its name has “Courteous” in it.

As expected, this “Courteous Cycrane” has been thinking about the “inappropriate” volume of the Cycrane controlled by the Cloud Knights, and when we help it open the seized container, the Cycrane could not extricate itself from it. I just don’t know how it escaped back to work when it is chased by the Cloud Knights later.

The last one is relatively easy to find, it is near the Stargazer Navalia area and is fighting with the monsters next to it with its unarmed strength. After settling the fight in its place, the “brave” bird naturally goes back to work.

Throughout the whole process, it is easy to see that the seven Cycranes correspond to the “seven sins” in Western doctrine – pride, envy, wrath, laziness, greed, gluttony and lust. After acquiring their own minds, these Cycranes first have the idea of skipping work. And then, because of this idea, they unwittingly become corrupted. Although not humans, the process of falling is very much like humans.

But that is not the end. The day after completing the missions for Ziqiao, we will receive a message from a mysterious man. In the message, he admits that he is behind all this because he is introverted by nature and only wants to speak to these Cycranes, which gives them consciousness. But the fall of them and the malfunction of the logistics system are hardly enough to make one believe that things are really as simple as he says. I wonder what people will think of the identity of this mysterious man?

Mysterious Immortal in a Vase

There is a vase in an inconspicuous corner of Exalting Sanctum, and its appearance is no different from the vases we usually break in the streets. But when we try to break this one, we will find an immortal living in it. In order to make its vase more “down-to-earth”, the “immortal” asks us to bring it some bags of garbage.

Where can you find trash in a place like Xianzhou where everyone seems courteous and tidy? It’s a good thing we keep the habit of going through every trash can when we were in Jarilo-VI, so we have no problem bringing along some cross-planet trash. And the immortal will offer some rewards in return.

On the second day, we can come back and flip it again. The first three options do not affect the achievement. When choosing he fourth option “whether to accept the return gift”, please note that the two options will get two different achievements. This achievement does not affect the plot ending and the total number of achievements obtained, the specific choice is up to you.

A Simple Trade

The trigger condition for this is simple. As long as you have the intention of going to the Strale store to buy something, you will naturally find old Mechanical Parts placed on the table. At this point, the shopkeeper will tell us that if we give the parts to someone in need, it will be able to play its proper value, and we will also get far more than the initial payment after many bartering.

It so happened that a man next to the store has a need for this part, and after exchanging it with him, we will obtain an old iron box.

Then, under the guidance of the owner, we need to go to the Spare Time Book Shop in Exalting Sanctum, where the owner was interested in this box. After telling him our intention, he will exchange “A Bottle of Draconic Tears” for this iron box.

Finally, we go back to the owner’s store and talk to Howard, who is sitting next to the store. He will show a strong desire for “Draconic Tears” and be willing to buy it for 5000 credits.

In this way, we manage to complete excellent bartering. Although the reward is only a few credits provided by Howard, the experience and fun brought by this little eastern egg is no less than other missions, in my opinion.

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