Honor of Kings – The Guide for Dongfang Yao

This is the guide to play the coolest hero (yes it’s a fact back by science!) Dongfang Yao.

Dongfang Yao Guide


Yao recovers heath when his skills hit an enemy unit. Yao can recover if his skill hits enemy heroes, jungle monsters, enemy minions and Agudo’s buddy.

If Yao hits an enemy unit (listed above) with one of his Breathtaking skill he grants a stack of Star Power.

At max stacks, Yao gains a chance to enhance his next skill within the next 3s, which if used, enhances the next Basic Attack. When using the enhanced Basic Attack, he dashes at the target

Your skill and basic attack will become enhanced once he begins to shine gold, (or three skill hits) and he will dash towards the closest enemy. The enhaced attack comes after the enhanced skill so choose the right skill for the right time.


Skill 1: Shattered Illusion Slice

Yao spins around dealing DMG nearby This is your 1st skill you are going to get at the start its has a 5.6s cooldown and it heals you if you hit “enemy heroes, jungle monsters, enemy minions and Agudo’s buddy”.

Enhanced Skill 1: Shattered Illusion Slice

Yao Enchanted Skill 1 hits your opponent twice and heals you twice and if you do his enchanted basic attack you will get a 30% ATK Speed

Yao moves quickly to the left, dealing physical damage to enemies in his path and slowing them by 50% for 1 to 2s I like to call this the ARC DASH since it not a straightforward dash he dashes in a Arc shape dash (or a C shape) this is very important to remember. Yao’s dash can go through walls.

Enhanced Skill 2: Brilliance Starburn

Yao moves quickly to the right, dealing physical damage to enemies in his path, slowing them by 50% for 1-2s and star power will unleash this skill again from the left, launching units hit by both him and the stars for 0.75s. Yao enhancing his next Basic Attack after the skill Basically your ARC DASH becomes a O dash you need both sides to hit someone and they will be knocked up but no too long.


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