Hush Hush – Only Your Love Can Save Them – Speed Run! Achievement Guide

How to get the achievement Speed Run! (You found the fastest way to the Game Over screen).

How to Obtain Speed Run! Achievement

Game Mode Selection

The game mode doesn’t matter for this speedrun as it doens’t affect your intro conversation with the Goddesses. Choose any game mode and when asked if you’re sure, say “Yes.”

First Choice

When Qpernikiss says “For you see… without your help there are five girls that are doomed to perish!” Respond with the option “But what can I do? Shouldn’t they go to the police or something?”

Note: You can actually choose any option for this one.

Second Choice

When Thelima says “If they don’t trust you, they won’t tell you. Do whatever you can to gain their trust, admiration, affection, lust, whatever works.” Respond with the option “You want me to… flirt with five girls?”

Note: You can also choose any option for this one.

Third Option

When Qpernikiss says “What do you say? Yea, or nay?” Respond with the option “Nay. This is all too strange for me…”

Note: You MUST choose this option for this ending!

Game Over!

You’ll get the goddesses Gallery artwork, but if you continue you will eventually get the “Game Over” screen. This ending is #32/42 with the hint “You’re… You’re going to have to at least play the game to win. But way to be both thorough AND cheeky!”

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