Incremental Epic Hero 2 – How to Catch Magic Slime for Quest

This short guide will help you to understand how to catch magic slime.

Guide to Catch Magic Slime for Quest


You can only catch monsters 100 levels below your own level, with the minimum of lvl 1, but the monster study title reduces the – level by 10 each, so just try to increase the level of that title and increase your own level.

For example my Warrior is currently lvl 81 and has monster study at lvl 3, so 81-70=11, aka I now can catch monsters up to lvl 11.

If you complete the three slime ‘Monster Study’ quests, you can start catching magic slimes at level 90 in the first area, but only when a level 20 spawns.

At level 100 you can catch any magic slime that spawns in the first area, if you did the 3 title quests.

Extra Hint: In some areas you can find lower level versions of colored monsters in dungeons. This can make it much easier for your first couple of captures.

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