Isekai: Slow Life – Exchange Shop Preferences

Guide to Exchange Shop Preferences

Drakenberg Challenge Shop:

  • The cheapest affordable stack of Crystal Ore, expensive stack for people performing well or in lategame.
  • The cheapest stack of Luck Stones, optionally the expensive ones.
  • The cheapest stack of Reforge Oil, optionally the expensive ones.
  • The cheapest stack of Farmstead Blueprints early game, 100% optionally later.

Golemore Shop:

  • 0-10 Crystal Ores (usually picking those I’m lowest at).
  • Magic Ore optionally.

Guild Shop:

  • Valiant Insignia (first 1-2 Valiants/Archdemons, later optionally).
  • Magic Insignia (first 1-2 Valiants/Archdemons, later optionally).
  • Monthly UR artifact (better if UR do not easily come by, otherwise also Quenching Stone source).
  • Acquaint Stone (after first 1-2 Valiants/Archdemons).

Banquet Shop:

  • 2 Succubus Tonics (daily).
  • 5 Stamina Potions (daily).
  • Jewel Necklace (with big stock size).
  • Fame Cards (early on most importantly, Money Gifts favor buying these if you couldn’t before).
  • Gold Rings (expensive extra Intimacy, optional).
  • Crystal Ore (optional with excess or need).
  • Study Notes (preference, better early, bad later -> Trading Post shop better for it).
  • Skill Pearls (expensive source for extra aptitude, not recommended for f2p and low-spender).

Trading Post Shop:

  • Crystal Ores: cheapest stack always, 2nd mid-late game too, 3rd most expensive if performing well.
  • Luck Stones: cheapest stack, rest optionally.
  • Basic Elixirs: (see Luck Stones).
  • Reforge Oils: cheapest stack, more depending on need.
  • 10 Building Upgrade Materials (empty stack daily if possible).
  • Study Notes: Cheapest stack always, more late game or if affordable.
  • Inn Pamphlet: Cheapest stack, 2nd optionally.

I hope you found this useful. Wishing you luck!

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