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Important! Family members boosts the same no matter if they are N, R, SR or SSR. The only difference between them are the initial amount of intimacy and blessing power they come with. For exmaple Kagura (SSR) comes with 300 of each from the start, while Kaka (R) only comes with 100 of each. You need thousands of blessing power each on your main family members, loosing out on 200 power isn’t that important. Don’t look at rank, just look at who they bless.

You can level up two different things on your family members, intimacy and blessing power. It’s important to understand the difference between these two.

Blessing Power affect the strength of your party, while Intimacy mainly affects your village earnings. All family members have a specific skill that can be leveled up, and to do this you need to get both intimacy and blessing to a certain threshold.

Intimacy does not make your fellows stronger. Because of this, a rule of thumb is that blessing is more important than intimacy. Blessing Pwer items are also generally considered to be harder to get than intimacy ones. Many p2w players that have played for a while tries to make as many of their purchases as possible during the Blessing Rank Rush to get more blessing point items from the recharge rebate.

Blessing Point items will also not make your party stronger automatically, you need to go on dates with your family members to get them to work. See more about this further down in the “Date” section.

Gifts and Items

There are 5 types of gifts to give family members. Three of these boosts intimacy, and two of them boosts blessing. Other than gifts, you can also raise a family members stats by various items, so don’t forget to check your inventory when doing Intimacy or Blessing Power Rank Rush. For example Touno Island gives event items that increase a family members intimacy or blessing power.

In general, you want to focus your blessing power as much as possible on a single family member who then boosts your main Fellow, but since all of the family members skills (Love Blessing) levels up by increasing intimacy and blessing power, you want to spread it out as well.

A general guide is to start with making all fellows 250/250 (intimacy/blessing) to begin, since this levels up the family members skill to level 2. After that you should to 550/250 to increase gathering bonus as much as possible, and after that move on to 1000/1000 on all fellows you think have a skill worth leveling up.

Blessing Power, Blessing Point and Dates

Increasing the family members blessing power will not automatically make your fellows stronger. The way blessing works is that every time you go on a date with your family member, it will gain a certain amount of blessing points. The higher blessing power, the more blessing points each date gives.

The game will give you 1 date stamina each 30 minutes, with a cap of up to 15 in total depending on your level. If you are an active player, try to never let this stamina get capped out since each time it’s filled up you are missing out on free dates (and free blessing points).

Date CGs and Gallery

Sometimes when you go on a date a new CG is unlocked, these can later be found in the Gallery. Going on a CG date gives an additional bonus in amount of blessing points received, and the first time a CG is unlocked it gives a small amount of gems. When a family gets a CG date, they can not get any students.

Succubus Tonics and Rank Rushes

Each Succubus Tonic gives you an additional 3 dates with your family members. Since a higher blessing power means more blessing points, most competitive players save up their succubus potions for some time until they have reached a certain threshold on their main family members. If you are planning to upgrade your main family members from 5000 blessing power to 10 000 next Blessing Rank Rush, it’s better to wait with using the potions until then.

Event Family

Family members recruited in events can use their spare shards to upgrade the family blessing higher. This makes them stronger and more potent than other family members. Especially for p2w players, it might be a good thing to pick an event family as your main family member.

Blessing Points

Something really important to understand about Blessing Power is that Regular Fellow Blessing is an addend, and Advanced Fellow Blessing is a multiplier. This means that generally you want to focus on Advanced Fellow Blessing for family that bless your main Fellows (with high aptitude), and Regular Fellow Blessing for Fellows you plan on keeping low aptitude on.


Intimacy does not make your fellows stronger.

By itself intimacy only affects your village earning boosts. In combination with blessing power, it affects Love Blessing (the family members individual skill) and student levels. Village Earning Bonuses is in the display called “Skills”. Please pay attention to that the earning boosts are not skills but just boosts, and not related to the individual skill of the family member (Love Blessing).

The most important village earning bonuses to reach for are the “All Building Earning Bonus”. These can be found at 100, 250, 550, 1000, 2000 and 5000. These are there by good thresholds to reach your intimacy to.

Please pay attention to while student levels upgrade at 500/500, the building earning level is at 550.

To level one family member up from level 100 to 250 gives the same All Building Bonus as it is to level up one from 2000 to 5000. Because of this, you should always make sure that all of your family members are at least at 550 (preferably at 1000). It cost the same to upgrade 36 family members from 250 to 500, as it cost to upgrade 3 from 2000 to 5000.


When your family member reach 2000 intimacy a second tab next to “Skills” (village earnings bonuses) opens up called Latency. Latency works exactly the same as the “All Village Earning” bonus in Skills/Village earning boosts.

Depending on how much intimacy you have, your latency will have different caps. The original cap is 20% and increased with an additional 20% after each 500 intimacy added, but after a while this changes to an additional 20% more every 2000 intimacy.

Latency bonus increase is based on RNG and each try cost 5 Luck Stones (the same currency required to do Advanced Fathoms for Village Earning bonuses under Skills). The original chance of getting a bonus is 80%, and as you move further towards the cap it goes down to 10%.


Students are adopted by going on dates with family members, and educated in the School in your Village section.

To learn more about students, check out this guide.

Study Tour

Every time you go on a date or roam, the game picks one family/fellow completely randomly. This means that the more fellow/family you have, the less chance it is for you to encounter new and unrecuited characters in roaming, and the more family you have the less chance it is that you end up going on a date with the family you actually need the blessing points for.

An easy way to solve this is by sending away a few students on Study Tours, that way they are no longer available for roaming or dates, and the odds of you encountering the family you actually need is higher.

Sending family on study tours leaves a small offering gift from them to you, but this is not the reason why you use the study tour feature. You use it to get the rates of encountering your main family higher.

Best family to send to study tour:

Love Blessing (Skills)

All family members comes with a personal skill trait, called Love Blessing. You can find the information about the family members skill by going to their page and press “Bonds”. This is equivalent to the Fellows “Awaken” skill. You level up the skill by reaching a certain amount of intimacy and blessing point.

Picking family members with good skills is very important, since it will help your account grow a lot. If you think a family member have a good skill, it can be worth leveling it up even if they are not blessing your main Fellows. Skills like artifact levels or increased blessing power gives a lot of extra power to any account.

All Family That Boost Daily Grind:

All Family That Boost Blessing Power:

All Family That Boost Fellow Power:

All Family That Boost Artifact Levels:

Family Levels

Here you have a quick overview over at what levels different things gets upgraded for families. Please remember that both intimacy and blessing power needs to reach the limit for the level to pass.

I sincerely hope this was helpful. Good luck to you!

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