Isekai: Slow Life – Guide to Students

General Information

Students are adopted by going on dates with family members, and educated in the School in your Village section. After students graduate they grant you a small village earning boost. The higher the Intimacy of the family member was, the higher the earnings the student will grant.

To educate students cost Education Points (EP) and gold, and generate Fellow Exp. The higher level the account has, the more exp generates. In early game students are a very important source of Fellow Exp, used to level up your Fellows. Later in game most players have a massive amount of spare Fellow Exp, so it’s not relevant for most players after a certain amount of weeks.

Education Points replenish by themselves each 5 minutes, with the max cap depending on your current level and if you have Monthly Pass or not.

The higher amount of Intimacy the family member who adopted the student had, the higher earnings the student has. The higher rank of the student, the more additional earning bonus the student gives.

Each time you graduate a student you get insights of a specific type in rewards (that are used to level up the aptitude of a fellow). The type of the insights depends on what type the student, and the students type is completely random. The higher rank the student has, the more insights it gives.

The higher level your account has, the more gold it costs to educate a student. There is no benefit from it becoming more expensive, it just cost a lot more gold.

Focus Candy (Lollipops)

When you need more EP than your free stamina gives you, you use Focus Candy to graduate students. Most players wait until School Task before using their Focus Candy.

Benefits Cards

Monthly Card (7€ per month) gives an additional +20% of your max education points.

Yearly Card does not grant any educational points benefit, but instantly unlocks Auto Education, which otherwise unlocks at level 22.

Pairing Up Students

After you graduate your students they goes to your Union Hall. Your Union Hall can keep a maximum of 20 students. All students who are not workaholics needs to pair with another student to leave the Union Hall. You can either send them to your friend, your guild, or to your server/cross server.

When you need the achievement “Graduate Students” for a Task List in events it sometimes count a student graduating into Union Hall as “having graduated”, sometimes it’s not counted until the student has been paired up. There is no way to know before you try, since the phrasing is always the same.

When two student pairs, both of the players will receive an earning of the combined total of the two students.

Max Cap

When you send a student with lower earnings to one with higher ones, there is a max cap of 5x. If the higher earning student exceeds the lower earning ones with more than this, the additional earnings won’t be counted for.


A workaholic student means that it graduated instantly and did not stop for the Union Hall, and there by does not need to be paired up. Workaholics automatically have higher earnings than regular students.

Leveling Up Students

Once you pass a certain threshold of Intimacy and Blessing Power, your students gain ranking. The ranking goes from D to S. The higher ranking the student have the more earnings you get from it, and the more insights you get. However, the higher rank the student has the more expensive it is to graduate it. For School Task, it might be profitable to keep the students at lower ranks.

Student Levels

Where New Student Slots Open Up:

Max EP per Level:

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