Jagged Alliance 3 – How to Stealth Kill

How to silent kill and more useful info.

Stealth Kill Guide

The way you stealth kill is firstly use a stealthy merc with high stats in stealth. Second thing you can’t kill all targets in the map like this, you can just eliminate one maybe 2 enemy’s, most of the time you can keep combat from starting but mostly your starting combat when you initialize this so it’s better to first place the rest of your squad in over watch to cover the knifer.

Then the stealth kill is divided to two parts…

First you need a line of sight to the target that will enable the option of initialize stealth kill. In that part, you determine how much AP goes to accuracy. Then the body part you want to target (You need to watch the alertness of the target, a red line below your character, and exclamation sign above the target meaning he’s starting to notice you. Some mercs have good stealth skills but are discovered faster making this difficult).

After the parameters are set you can return to the closest cover, to reset the target awareness.

At this point I usually save my game as this can go all directions sideways etc.

Last part is just aiming the merc to sneak close to the target preferably from behind in hidden state. When it will enter the require distance to initialize the kill that would happen automatically according to the parameters you’ve set earlier.

You can start the combat with your attack and if its a kill (and no enemy sees / hears it) the combat will end right away. So yes, you can. Usually I do better once the combat starts since the planned moves are easier to coordinate/do than in the realtime mode, so I would actually like to have a possibility to start the turn based mode by hand…. Aka asking for the opposite from what you want to do.

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