Jagged Alliance 3 – Red Dot Info

Explanation of Red Dot

I can help clear up the red dot info:

The “Marked” status is indeed applied AFTER the shot. Meaning if the target is dead, it never got marked to begin with. You can tell if a target is marked by a red crosshair under the HP bar, where you see the other buffs/debuffs (you can actually move the mouse cursor over those status effects for a breakdown on what they do). This is why red dot is the worst option for a sniper gun, considering sniper guns tend to kill in one shot anyway.

UV dot, in most cases, is the better option for most guns. However if you are using a gun that doesn’t tend to to kill in one go, or is low AP cost, you can shoot once, then follow up with a 100% crit chance. Something that might be useful on a pistol.

You must also consider that the tooltip for a grazed shot states that grazed shots can NOT crit, however a thermal scope negates a grazed shot when zoomed in. This might give some people some combo ideas.

Although the thermal scope might seem like a “no brainer” upgrade, other options should not be over looked. Acogs are amazing, because you get an auto zoom of 3 if your first action is a shot, drastically lowering the amount of AP needed to shoot. As an example, Mouse in my game is using an FN FAL and gets 3 separate shots (currently) in a single turn with insane accuracy. She’s one of my front liners, protecting my snipers.

Also a 10X scope along with crit chance per zoom can produce pretty high damage numbers.

Yes thermal scope is good, and it certainly has it’s places, but don’t let it blind you to other great options. It’s not just the gun and mods, but also the merc perks that can really enhance how a weapon might function.

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