Jagged Alliance 3 – Cover Explanatory Guide

This guide explains all you need to know about cover.

How Does Cover Work


Half means half cover, full will usually totally block any bullets coming your way (unless the enemies just shoot through the walls). Red with a lightning bolt means it would give cover, but an enemy is flanking that spot so…it isn’t safe cover.

Its important to understand that cover works only from upfront. The more you or the enemy gets an angle on the opponent, the more likely he gets hit. Took me an hour to recognize this and from there on it made way more sense what was happening.

  • Whats also important to understand is that the full and half colour symbols only represent a rough idea of how much cover your getting depending on that cover and obstacles in the way.
  • Don’t think of it like XCOM where it is a straight % reduction in the chance of hitting. The path of bullets is simulated from the gun to the target (depending on accuracy) and any rocks, trees, fences etc. may get in the way of each bullet realistically.
  • So you need to examine the area and decide for yourself.
  • Crouch or go prone so you head isn’t sticking out if you want to really improve cover behind a wall.

Bonus Tips

Always consider leaving some ap just to swap stance. “Half cover” may turn you close to invincible vs incoming fire depending on angle and elevation when you drop prone behind it. Cover is your first and most important defensive tool. Armor is only there to survive a ♥♥♥ up and the occasional auto fire grazes you may take in cover.

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