Jagged Alliance 3 – Questions and Answers for Beginners

Here you can find alot of newbies questions and answers on it.

New Players Questions and Answers

How do you get off of the starting island? In looking at the map I don’t see any indication of any ports on the starting island.

You need to talk to greasy Basil. When you’ve talked to him, all you have to do then is just try and move as usual to the mainland, you’ll automatically head through the port and they’ll start going to where you want to.

How do you make money on the starting island b/c it doesn’t seem to have a diamond mine on it.

You can find some things to sell but you do need to start moving towards the mainland; because you are right, there are no diamond mines in the starter island.

What is the point of scouting and getting intel on the different areas on a map if you can’t quick deploy on any of them? I notice I can only quick deploy in one small corner of a map, even though I am aware of other sections on the map…isn’t scouting supposed to expand your options for where you deploy?

When you press O (The letter not the number) You get an aerial view of a map; if you have intel on the location it can label parts of the map, like a spot that has loot, or side passages, minefields, other useful tactical stuff. And if you have someone like Livewire, she will reveal all the enemies on the map for any place you’ve acquired intel.

Where you deploy is determined by what sector of the map you entered from. So if you came in from the south, you deploy on the southside, east, eastside, etc.

Do I need to liberate that fort on the starting island before I can travel to the mainland?

No. But if you don’t liberate that fort they will attack the town every now and then. I’d suggest you to do it, it’s 30k dollars (at normal) and you’ll need not worry about ernie anymore.

Once you travel to the mainland is there any reason to travel back to the island (Ernie?)


How do you replenish meds because herbs don’t seem to do it, I can use those to do quick heels in Battle. But I don’t have enough meds to do permanent heels from the Operations menu.

You can heal by resting and dont have to use meds, if you have enough mine income there is no time pressure.

I have captured one mine, but it doesn’t seem to be enough. I am running out of money to pay the mercs that i’ve hired.

There are mines all over the map.

Is it possible to raise the medic skills of any of your other marks after you have hired them?

  • Training is hilariously OP, if you have enough mine income you can just train away all you want. You can train everyone’s medical to the level of your doctor. If you have a high skilled medic you can use that one to train every other merc you have.
  • This works for every skill there is but the max amount is limited by the merc that trains the others.
  • Its very usefull if some of the mercs you use are bad at shooting e.g. low dexterity or mms
  • or you have only one good to very good in wisdom or mechanic so you can train one more in those areas for quicker scouting and repairing (the same goes for a second medic aka faster recovery).

Similarly, i’d like to make another sniper character. Because I just have one so far. How would I do that? Do I have to hire a new mark? Or can I respec an existing one?

There are no respecs. Train everyones marksmanship and everyone is a sniper.

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