Jagged Alliance 3 – Useful Tips and Tricks

Jagged Alliance 3 is a challenging game with a surprising amount of depth, but also a punishing experience.

Tips and Tricks

I’ve put together a brief, spoiler free list of tips I really wish I knew when I was just starting, in particular the first tip is a game changer and the sole motivator of me creating this guide because it feels like a core mechanic that I didn’t stumble across until many hours in.

Tip 1

  • The most valuable tip here – you can create your own mercenary, who does not cost you ANY upkeep!
  • You can assign the mercs stats and perks in any way you like, to create a fighter, support character sneaky assassin or hybrid of your choice!
  • But the most important aspect is that this mercenary never costs you any upkeep, you pay the initial cost and that’s it, saving you, quite literally, hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars compared to any other mercenary.
  • Early game, atleast until you acquire your first mine, money is a serious issue as you have zero income other than what you scavenge, while your mercs wages eat away at your funds.
  • To get this mercenary, you need to navigate to the in-game browser.
  • F2 key for short, or from the map/satellite screen, click command, then browser.
  • From the browser, click on the I.M.P Web tab and take the P.E.T test.
  • Pay the one off fee of $7000, take the test and your latest hire will be made available.
  • Personally, I’d highly recommend including this custom made character as part of your initial squad. Your bank account will be greatful.

Tip 2

  • Pressing left alt key toggles on and off visual indicators which highlight lootable containers/corpses and things of interest.

Tip 3

  • There a few valuables that the game tells you to sell, but actually have other uses, which I generally discovered too late.
  • Tiny diamonds – you can sell them at any time for $500, but that is a poor use of them.
  • There is a merchant that trades information for diamonds, and who also offers boxes of random (but extremely high quality) loot for them.
  • There is a character who will purchase tiny diamonds from you for $600, or $700 each after a successful conversation check.
  • Bags of Grand Chien currency can be traded to an unusual merchant for rare crafting materials and other random goods including but not limited to explosives and parts.
  • Ancient artificats can be given to a story character in exchange for loyalty and she will give you several milita soldiers to assign to any of your owned provinces.

Tip 4

  • Each world map location/square can and should be entered and explored. Even if enemies are not present and the location has no significance for quests or merchants, you can find loot, hackable objects, intel, scavengeble parts and medicinal herbs, all of which are extremely important.

Tip 5

  • Every occupied sector has a stash that you can use for storage. From the map screen, opening the inventory will display the stash of the sector that your squad is standing in.
  • Otherwise, on the bottom right of the map screen, there is a series of buttons to toggle what you see on the map, the 4th from the top is to highlight all sector stashes so you can see what items are in which stash.
  • Keep in mind, that stashed gear can only be retrieved if a squad is in that sector.

Tip 6

  • Ammo and explosives can be crafted if your squad contains a merc with explosives skills and you are at a location with a workshop. Most city centers have a workshop, otherwise look for tiles that have a marker that looks like a house with a wrench icon.

Tip 7

  • Ads for A.I.M Gold will start popping up. This $20,000 service does nothing but allow you the privilege to hire legendary mercenaries.
  • Be aware that these mercs cost more upkeep than a single early-mid game diamond mine can keep up with, let alone a squad.

Tip 8

  • Time resting can heal wounds (remaining idle on the world map, neither moving or participating in an operation), a process that is sped up if the mercenaries are performing the R&R operation inside towns. This is a very slow method of healing, but if you are out of increasingly scarce meds it is an option.

Tip 9

  • The conversation perks such as psycho, negotiation, scoundrel ect are very handy, and several quests are locked without them.

Tip 10

  • Establishing militia squads in conquered provinces does pay off long term.
  • Aside from securing your conquered territory, as they repel attackers any loot (including from killed defenders) is put into the sector stash providing another way to gain ammunition, weapons and scrap.
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  1. a very important Tip number 11 : exhaust all conversations with the random villagers you find, they give you tons of intel and new notes for new quests you otherwise wouldnt know they even exists!!

  2. Tip 11;
    Mines deplete, reducing profit after some time and eventually (most of them) stop operating.
    You can use Evermine mod to turn this feature off.

  3. The main use I have seen Psycho is there is a quest that I couldnt complete because I didn’t have a psycho in my party – the quest where you convince the members of the coffee bean gang to help defend the port during N-Night.

  4. If you clear a zone of enemies should it become conquered allowing you to move to the next sector without ‘retreating’?

    • correct. In fact you can just open the map and move away. The tile will also turn blue on the map if it is conquered.

  5. Thanks for the helpful guide. Regarding the conversation perks, is there one of them that is generally more useful than the others? I rarely have more than one in my squad at a time so I’m curious.

    • Scoundrel has the most interactions, followed by Negotiator. Psycho has some very rare uses.

  6. i can not access P.E.T test., it says ERROR, is that intended? tried it in a new game also, same

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