Jagged Alliance 3 – Starter Tips to Hire the Mercs

Tips to Use Mercs

Barry is just OP, the best explosive/mine disarmer. Very cheap, extremely powerful unique explosive/talent, great all around stats. Monica is a good early marksman recruit you can grow due to high wisdom, either take her or take Fox (She likes Wolf and Grizzly so you can take those 2 if you want in her team), who has a nice talent that lets you basically get a 0 ap starting free fire at combat start (she’s useful as silent sniper), she has high dex and agility, another no brainer unit, just train her marksmanship and she becomes strong. Livewire is a good starting mechanic, her high wisdom means she will be much better than Kalyna in the long run. MD is a good value medic with high wisdom, you can’t really avoid getting injured so just take him.

Mouse is alright, quite useless talent unfortunately but very high agi and dex and good hp, if you train her marksmanship she can be a good shooters. Ice has good stats but a little expensive for starter, good after you get first diamond mine. Charlene is even more expensive but she’s an amazing rifle user. Vicki’s talent is very powerful, it’s easy to fully modify some weapon (winchester is great on her for example). All those other units with low agi just suck because low AP is bad imho. Melee is also kind of situational in this game, range gives huge advantage, There don’t seem any downside to like run sniper, rifles and explosives only. Pistol as side arm is useful, the repositioning attack is cost efficient at finishing off near dead enemy. SMG and such don’t penetrate armor which sucks.

Custom merc stat is also another no brainer really, max leadership, marksmanship, agility, dex. 0 for mechanic, medic, explosive (you can train it later if needed). The rest goes strength (for carrying slot) and hp (if you need it, really). Gives all those books for the 4 stats at 85 to him and he can be your trainer, train marksmanship on everyone after you have positive income.

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