Limbus Company – How to Beat the Headless Ichthys Boss

You are like me who was stomped hard for this fish!? This guide is for you.

Killing Fish Guide

How to Kill the Fish

Remember! Unfortunately, that boss is a fight against time, so what you will need is 3 things:

  1. One character multi-target EGO span.
  2. One character who hit damn hard (or a character who can put a lot of debuffs).
  3. (if possible) Another character who can spam EGO with a minimun of materials.

How to Do It

  • Your goal is to stop the fins AND the sack. But to do that you need first and foremost stop that thamn hands. So your cycle is:
    • Damage the hands until became stargered.
    • Go full on the sack or the fin (both can be destroyed. Focus on the fin first because is the most easily destroyed).
    • Repeat.

“B-but and that full blunt attack of the sack?” Because of that you will realy need a AOE spammer. The idea of the AOE spammer is to attack not only the sack, but the hands/fins too, became more easily to stop him spamming coins and destroying your life.

And remember! Is a race about time, so you realy need to kill that fish before he uses he’s AOE attack!

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