Limbus Company – Toss Coin Game Mechanic Guide

Toss Coin Game Mechanic Explanation

All credit goes to Lusso Heroe!

A big reminder of basic game mechanics:

  • Sanity influences toss coin.
  • What is it meaning now and for the future (negative bonus coin explanation)?


I notice a lot of people struggling with game mechanics, even if they have played LoR or any other-complex-at-first games.

And to be honest, I was one of them. I was finding the tutorial and UI overwhelming and confusing.

Though, bit by bit, I have test, analyse and learn.

So, now I’m pretty familiar with all of the systems, even if I still can struggling to find the real and precise impact of some, because of not indicated bonus numbers, like Chain-Resonance for example, and also in waiting for people to make a way more better, greater and full guide of basic mechanics and more, here my ‘coin’ to help others. Especially to the ones who are confused about things even after talk and ask about it, but where I didn’t see anyone give them a proper answer or explanation for them in any post or guide.

Toss Coin Aren’t 50/50

Aye, you ear that right.

In Limbus Company, a toss coin, whenever if it is clash, damage phase or even a test during mirror dungeon, isn’t an 1/2 chance.

Why? Sanity.

Here a reminder of a step of the second tutorial about Sanity:

Sadly, we didn’t have any numbers, but Sanity (SP) influences toss coin. And this is why you will often doing Head once your characters got high Sanity.

This is why the game would tell you your skills would be ‘Favored’ or ‘Dominating’, even if it doesn’t seems that much. It also means even an one coin skill could more easily win a clash, even against a multi-toss-coin skill.

What Is It Meaning Now and for the Future?

For now, it’s mean we can enjoy our characters having high sanity and put our enemies in the opposite mood.

Though, you may have notice something too along your progression: Negative bonus on Head.

And we know now Sanity influences toss coin, right?

So yeah, in the future, we can expect Limbus Company gaining a bit in depth with that:

  • Enemies with powerful skills while in bad sanity.
  • Enemies pushing our characters in bad sanity.
  • Identities and E.G.O with more complexe utilities and synergies.

Here a little example:

Even by doing Head, 15 is a pretty good value anyway, at least, in the actual stat of the game, but if we would want doing big damage like other E.G.O and even more, we would want Tail, right? Bad Sanity will help that. And what give us bad sanity? Not so much right now, but we can expect powerful/trickies ennemies, and of course, in time too, E.G.O sanity’s cost.

Though, using an E.G.O is quite dangerous at Bad Sanity uh? But, welp, maybe it could be our trump card, or even last hope to win a fight someday too.

Little Word of Conclusion

I know it’s a gatcha game, and myself tend to prefer no-brain and very quick content when it’s about oblige-farm. For example, mirror dungeons are easy, but too long for me. Time and effort are also a big money for me these days to enjoy multiple and deserving games.

But, heh, we are talking about Project Moon too. I’m pretty confident there would be endgame-content who will give us the thrill we adore, pushing our characters on the edge.

We just need to be patient and communicate what they need to improve: Our beloved LoR, too, didn’t was builded in one day.

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