Lootun – Balanced 999 Endless Team Build Guide

Guide to Balanced Build

This is a balanced build capable of clearing all content, including through 999 Endless Wastes and 999 Endless Depths.

The top 3 characters can clear 999 Endless Corridors and 999 Endless Spires with minimal changes to augments. This is not a top DPS build, and not a top Tank build. It optimizes to give the best of both worlds. All the characters have 100% ailment avoidance. Combined with the slowing debuffs and defiance, enables great survivability while maintaining strong DPS. This build can be used to clear content (3 man or 6 man) through progression using crafted gear in place of pieces obtained at higher progression levels.

Below Endless 900 you can use all DPS flasks. As you approach 999 you will need to switch to Barrier & other defensive flasks.

Detailed Breakdown

Frostbolt Archmage (Support) – This mage provides many ailment debuffs, slowing effects, and curse effects. In combat he has +139% ailment effect and +22% Main/Venom/Flare. These give the following combat debuffs on the mobs:

  • Chilled: -23.8% attack speed (Frostbolt / Elemental Blast)
  • Shocked: +23.8% dmg taken (Elemental Blast)
  • Bleeding: -22% attack speed (Barb Relic)
  • Poisoned: -22% dmg multiplier (Toxic leg enchant)
  • Ignited: +22% dmg taken (Elemental Blast)
  • All 5 curses (from Malediction augment)
  • Frostbolt: -30% attack speed
  • Stasis: -30% attack speed and +10% dmg taken
    • He also provides the vigilant aura (augment for -10% dmg taken) and flask buffs (alchemist sash).
    • His character tactics are set to Strongest, with the main attack on Round Robin.
    • He is spec’d to have +22% Flare from Archmage skills (+12%), Trinket (+6%) and enchant (+4%) and then uses Vigilant Band and Pewter Band to buff Main/Venom to +22%.

Frost Strike Battlemage (Tank)

  • When combined with the Barrier buff this tank has over 400k HP+Barrier. The Ancient Aegis augment allows stacking of Fire Resist to get 86.9% dmg reduction in Fire, Cold, Lightning, Arcane, and Physical resists. The Legs and Boots eliminate the possibility of dodging but contribute an additional 75% dmg reduction. Combining that with the high amount of melee resist (most common attack), armor, block rating, and combat buffs can result in over 4B Defence stat.
  • The Pendant augment, Undying Ring, and Revival (from Zealot) allow him to ramp up the shadow steps buff at the start of combat. Without those stalling features he will likely die at the beginning of fights at Endless 950+.
  • He uses HP and Fire Resist meteorites to further boost his survivability. Character tactics are Round Robin on main attack, strongest on all other skills.

Zealot’s Blaze Templar (Top DPS)

  • Every piece of gear about this guy is designed to maximize his DPS. He can obtain well over 3T DPS at 999 Endless fights. The Serpentstone unique is very powerful and allows him to obtain 100% ailment avoidance without sacrificing core DPS gear pieces/enchants.
  • Due to the passives in the Templar talent tree, he does slightly better when spec’d as a Templar wearing a shield. If the thought of your DPS wearing a shield scares you, you can leave him as Inquisitor and dual wield Pistols, but you will notice a slight DPS loss. (Note: if you opt for Inquisitor then use Hillstrider’s Augment and transmute pieces properly.)
  • Abyssal Hood is better when Crit Chance (in combat) is above 212%. This build has 270% Crit Chance in combat making it significantly stronger than Helm of Command. Critical chance above 200% (with blessed) increases Crit Damage.
  • The Marksman relic is used because it gives a +20% damage buff when fully maxed. 99% of the time he will not get hit by a direct attack and thus never loses the buff. This beats out the other relics (like Barb, Assassin, or Inquisitor which only give +15% effective dmg.
  • Wrathful enchant on shield allows him to apply the Wrathful debuff in combat giving everyone another +10% dmg against the mob.

Fire Arrow Barbarian (DPS/Support)

  • Abyssal cuffs enable him to randomly cast any offensive buff. This results in him casting Dragon’s Roar quite frequently. The resulting +buff duration items drastically increase that uptime. Armour break is chosen as the default skill for 100% uptime on the boss over 100% uptime of Dragon’s roar due to its defensive features.
  • He is using one Disintegration Band to apply the ailment. This effectively counts as an additional ailment for Hillstrider’s Ambition and Ornate Warhorn.
  • Imposing Cry provides both an additional debuff (for both damage and survivability) and a taunt. Occasionally, he will become the source of a stray attack, but Defiance is the first defense, then Revive in case of bad RNG. This also adds survivability for the Abyssal Juggernaut fight as once the Battlemage gets stunned the main boss attack hits significantly harder and can kill the tank. This reduces that probability.

Explosive Shot Assassin (DPS)

  • Another Pure DPS gearset. Although, he does have some sacrifices to obtain 100% ailment avoidance.

Executioner’s Strike Crusader (Support)

  • This is almost purely a support character, although with the Boss Execute effect, he can deal some pretty high DPS (it all comes at the end of the fight).
  • The use of Gravedancer provides additional buffs/survivability. To obtain the benefits of all Gravedancer abilities, he must be capable of applying Bleed (relic), Poison (leg enchant and dagger), and Ignite (blessing) with enough procs to max stacks.
  • He is spec’d Crusader to provide the best type of Blessing buffs consistently (all 5 blessings).
  • Savage Flail provides the other -50% armor debuff on the mob (the other one is Armour Break).
  • This seems like the appropriate time to mention Scorching Band. This unique item allows any character who wears it to proc the effect (even if that character does not deal fire damage). The higher the overall ignite stacks the higher damage any character can do (up to a limit).
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