Lust Goddess – How to Beat Heli Racing

This guide will help you complete the Heli Racing with 90%+ accurate.

Heli Race Guide


  • Kill x faction, melee, ranged,
  • win x times
  • deal x commander damage

Quest (shitty)

  • Get Exo (600, 900, 1200, 1500)
  • Use Exo (Same Amount)
  • Open x win Crates
  • Get X merc (Faction)
  • Get Credits (10k, 25k, 100k)
  • Spend Credits (I believe 10k, 15k and 20k)


  • Get X Rare
  • Get X Epic
  • Get X Legendary
  • Level Faction X times
  • Level Melee X times
  • Level Range X times
  • Level X times (Rare, Epic, Legendary)

  • Get X Merc (Factions)
  • Get X (Rarity
  • Deal X Commander damage

These scale with League

  • Magnetron for Ranking
  • Top Gear for stuff in Heli Race Market

This should be 90%+ accurate.

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