Lust Goddess – Resources Tips

In this game you really need to min/max all your rewards as a f2p so here you’ll find some tips on when/how and where you should use your resources.

Tips to Use Resources

Really important Don’t Collect your Emerix on epic Quests/Battle Pass/Weekly and Monthly for as long as possible until an Exo Bonds/3 Girls event asks you to find X amount of Emerix.

Only level up the units you’re currently using to advance in leagues but save all your other cards until a Military Exercise is running.

Keep as many cards as possible in lower rarities to modify them into Legendaries.

Spend your credits in Credit Craze 3 days after it started as we should get Military Exercise (Monday every 2 weeks).

Try holding at least one legendary crate for a 3 Girl event.

You should go back in lower league a couple hours before a 3 Girls event ends as we should get a Choose a Merc event and the cards requirements will be greatly lowered (Friday every 2 weeks) (ONLY if you’re planning to finish the event which requires 15 recruitments).

Try clearing some Exo Bonds quests together with main event quests (for example if your current Exo Bonds quest asks you to recruit wait until you have a similar mission in the current main event as you would use less resources for it).

Spend Emerix ONLY when there’s an event on recruitment or on crates (speed up).

Save as much serum as possible for a 3 Girl event.

Read all tasks/quest from an event/Exo Bonds and plan things before doing them.

Wait at least until Monday to use your Exo Bonds as we get Miss Fortune event and you could get some exo bonds there.

Exo Bonds: Until you’re league 16 you’ll get more legendaries by buying epics so i would recommend buying epics only, until you reach league 16. The Modification rate is 20 epics for 1 Legendary.

Event Roulette: It’ll always be better to spin in legendary roulette but you’ll need to get the main event girl’s epic card in the epic roulette otherwise you won’t be able to modify her rare cards into legendary.

Current main event Girl: (idk if Regina is a main girl), Nymeria, O-Rinn, Harper (she’s kinda an exception cuz you can get her epic card with referral), LoLa, Rose.

The best packs imo are Crate Slots > Monthly Battle Pass (second month as Battle Pass scales to your current max league, which makes the first month kinda bad) > Monthly Emerix > Combat Packs > then it’s really whatever you want.

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