Marauders – Starter Guide with Tips and Tricks for PvP

This guide is for those who are just getting into the game or maybe for those vets who are returning after being gone for a year.

Tips for Starters

Marauders Start Guide

This set comes with a Sack bag filled with essentials.

Mat 49 – Easy recoil control, best used without ad’sing, can buy from the shop and its also craftable.

Flashbangs – Upon boarding a ship or out in the field you can throw a flash bang at your enemy and rush him, the flash bang last about 3-5 seconds depending on how hard it hits the enemy.

Level 9 Rig – Craftable, can find in loot containers, these sort of rigs are great to have when you start to pvp or when you are on your loot runs since it comes with 3 4×4’s to store more loot, I personally use these 4 bars for meds since its easier to access upon opening your bag.

Basic Meds

Small First Aid – Heals about 20% of your health, stops bleeding and most efficient for space and during those intense fights to get back up to full health.

Bandages – Heals about 5% of your health, stops bleeding.

Aspirin – Use this when you get into a fight and start to heal from being damaged to half health or lower, your character needs this in order to heal back up to 100%. You can check this when you open your bag and look at the character icon that he’ll have white showing up on his head. This is when you know you’ll need aspirin, spice or meth to heal that back up.

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