Dark Souls 3 – How to Defeat the Earth-Seeker-Guarding Millwood Knight Easy

There’s a knight in the Ariandel woods who casts annoying AoEs when aggro’d. If you would rather not deal with this guy’s nonsense, here is how you accomplish that.

Guide to Defeat the Earth-Seeker-Guarding Millwood Knight Easy

What You Will Need

  • Bow (any type) or binoculars.
  • Stalk dung pies.
  • Optionally, a Silvercat Ring or enough health to endure a fall.

What You Will Do

Make your way to this culvert, where the wolves are.

Deal with them, then stand on this ledge at approximately this location.

Position yourself relative to the ledge like so. Zoom with the bow or binoculars while moving to get finer increments of movement and turn your feet to the right direction.

Drop stalk dung pies. They should hit the Millwood knight.

On NG+, two pies will not be enough to kill him. You can either not waste pies by getting it right the first time and use four, or finish him off by plunging, which will mean you’ll need to use either a Silvercat Ring or more health to not die.

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