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When logging into a Google-linked account, I get a message that says “Google was not able to verify that this account is your account.” and can’t login.

  • This message may be displayed when you attempt to log into your Google account on multiple devices.
  • Use this link to inquire with Google or perform the recovery yourself.

I linked a wrong account. I want to unlink it and link with another account.

  • Once linked with a platform (Google/Facebook/Apple ID/Steam), it is impossible to unlink your game account.
  • Check the ID of the account thoroughly before linking your accounts.

I get [Error code: 20405] and can’t link my accounts.

  • This message is displayed when you try to link a Google/Facebook/Apple ID/Steam account that is already linked.
  • Try linking with another account or an account from a different platform.

My guest account has disappeared.

  • If you lost your guest MIR4 account but have made in-game purchases with the account, devs provide one-time recovery support through 1:1 Inquiry.
  • Use the Inquiry button below to submit your inquiry.
  • Submitting a screenshot of the Store transaction receipt with your inquiry will speed up the processing of your case.
  • Devs provide recovery support after checking the recoverability of the account upon receiving an inquiry. As this involves manually confirming the account and transaction data,it may take some time before the account is recovered.

If I change my device or reinstall the game, can I still use my account?

  • If you have linked your account before changing the device or reinstalling the game,you can resume playing MIR4 with your linked account anytime.

I logged into my linked account, but can’t see my character.

  • You could be in the wrong server.
  • After logging into your linked account, select [Select Server] > [Find Character] on the first screen you see to locate the character you used previously.

I forgot my Transfer Code and password.

  • There is not much help devs can provide if you have lost your transfer code and password.
  • However, if there are any transaction records, your transfer code can be reissued.

I want to delete my MIR4 account.

  • Go to [Menu] > [System] and click [Delete Account].
  • There is a 72 hour grace period for account deletion, after which the deletion cannot be canceled.

My account has been banned.

Your account may be banned for actions such as swearing or posting advertising materials on the official MIR4 community that violate the community’s operational policy.

If you wish to appeal the ban, please submit your inquiry to Customer Service.

How to submit your inquiry:

  • In MIR4 > System > Customer Service > FAQ Inquiry > Community > Ban Appeal Application

If the account is not yours, details about the ban are private information and cannot be shared with you.

My account has been banned for refund.

  • Your MIR4 account may be banned if you have completed a refund through the Store instead of our Customer Service.
  • If you want the ban lifted from your account, check the notification window when you sign in and complete another transaction of the same amount as the refunded amount.

I forgot the ID and password of my linked Google/Facebook/Apple ID account.

MIR4 Customer Service cannot check your personal login details for your linked Google/Facebook/Apple ID account.

If you have forgotten the ID and password of your linked Google/Facebook/Apple ID account, you can retrieve them by using the links below.

MIR4 Security Alert.

  • If you have been disconnected from the game and get to see this page, you had been blocked due to be installed the unauthorized Third-Party Software in your device or detected abnormal behaviors in the game.
  • Just in case there is an unauthorized program that you suspect, please delete the related program or re-install the game.
  • [Warning] This issue will also happen if your device has ‘developer options’ turned on, so please turn off the ‘developer options’ before playing the game.
  • After that, if same issue has been occurring continuously, please make an inquiry through the Customer Service Center.
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  1. Hello mir4, I would like to ask how to get my account back, because I haven’t played it for several months now, I reinstalled the game but my lvl 100 “collector” sorcerer is gone.please help

  2. Hello, i would like to ask if where can i see what gmail is linked to my mir4 account. your response is highly appreciated

  3. Pano e connect sa gmail yung account na mir4 na di babalik sa beginner? Naka connect kasi sa fb ko yung mir4

  4. hi, please help me. i uninstall my game due to always crashing. then when i was going to log in my acct i did not remember what would be my email i linked. Can someone help me to solve this.

  5. Please help me i lost my main account, i played in pc, then i decided to play in mobile i log in in the same email and the same server i make a new acount, and after my account in pc suddenly logging out then when i open it again my new acount in phone is there, please help me recover it,i waste my money for it..

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