MIR4 – Clan Expedition / Clan Challenge Guide

Weekly content where you can get rid of powerful bosses with your fellow civil servants, or of short-term star bosses, and get valuable rewards.

Clan Expedition

Every Saturday from 00:00 ~ 24:00, you can proceed once in clan goods for each boss and twice in total.

  • You can move by touching the Raid > Clan Expedition tab in the menu, and the Center Expedition icon on the right side of the clan information window.
  1. Each expedition list will be opened sequentially by level when studying Clan technology’s Expedition.
  2. You can check the difficulty of the selected expedition, entrance combat capability, and boss level.
  3. You can check the time left until the Clan expedition. (Every Saturday 00:00 ~ 24:00)
  4. You can check the rewards you can get for defeating the clan expedition boss. High rewards will be given according to the contribution level at the completion of the expedition, and additional rewards can be obtained at the completion of the first expedition.
  5. Clan leaders or war-authorized clan members can summon clan expedition bosses using clan gold coins.

Once the Clan expedition begins, 10 away entries per person will be generated within an hour of the time limit. However, even if the number of expeditions remains, you cannot enter the expedition when the expedition is over.

Number of Clan Gold coins required for additional Clan expeditions:

The first clan expedition consumes clan goods, and after that, each boss consumes clan gold coins as below and can open one more time.

You will not be able to earn rewards if you join another clan after winning one clan prize (fund/Darksteel/Energy) and one clan gold coin (additional).

BossFirst Clan Expedition Required by Boss every weekOne additional summons will consume goods
Fox Spirit Beast2,500 Clan Fund/ 125,000 Clan Darksteel / 125,000 Clan energy1,000 Clan Gold
Demon Bull God5,000 Clan Fund/ 250,000 Clan Darksteel / 250,000 Clan energy1,200 Clan Gold
Hell Rock Fiend7,500 Clan Fund/ 375,000 Clan Darksteel / 375,000 Clan energy1,400 Clan Gold
Redmoon Devil10,000 Clan Fund/ 500,000 Clan Darksteel / 500,000 Clan energy1,600 Clan Gold
Infernal Abomination12,500 Clan Fund/ 625,000 Clan Darksteel / 625,000 Clan energy1,800 Clan Gold 

Clan Challenge

You can proceed by choosing one of the challenge levels every Sunday 00:00 ~ 24:00.

  • Touch Clan > Expedition > Clan Challenge tab to move.

1) Clan Challenge will open in orders from stage 1 according to your expedition level.

  • Expedition level 3 – Stage 1 open
  • Expedition level 5 – Stage 2 open
  • Expedition level 7 – Stage 3 open
  • Expedition level 8 – Stage 4 open

2) Bosses of the Clan Challenges can be checked

  • 5 types of bosses appear for each stage in order, next boss will appear as you clear the boss that appeared.
  • Clan Challenge will be over if you fail to clear all the bosses for 30 minutes after the entrance.

3) Max number of players, Required power score, minimum and maximum level of the boss that appears can be checked.

4) Remaining time until the Clan Challenge and the number of available rewards can be checked.

  • You can enter every Sunday, 00:00 ~ 23:59.

5) You can find out available rewards of the Clan Challenge

  • Rewards are given every time you clear the bosses that appear.
  • 1st clear rewards are given when you clear the 5th boss.

6) The clan leader or the clan member who has the authority to declare war can proceed clan challenge by using Clan Fund.

  • Only one clan challenge can be chosen every week.
  • Maximum number of the clan members that can participate is 50.

Only one clan challenge can be chosen every week and the maximum number of the clan members that can participate is 50.

If you have cleared at least one or more bosses, you can’t participate in any additional clan challenge even if you rejoin another clan regardless of the result.

Clan fund needed to do 1st clan challenge every week per boss:

StagesClan fund needed to do 1st clan challenge every week per boss
Stage 12,500 Clan Fund
Stage 25,000 Clan Fund
Stage 37,500 Clan Fund
Stage 410,000 Clan Fund 

Clan Challenge Reward

StagesClan EXPClan EnergyClear Reward Box
Stage 12,500100,000Clan Challenge Box
Stage 25,000150,000Plain Clan Challenge Box
Stage 3 7,500200,000Plain Clan Challenge Box
Stage 410,000250,000Decent Clan Challenge Box

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