MIR4 – Basic Market Guide (How It Works)

Basics of Market


To become the lord of the Land of Mir, you need not only Power Score but also advanced political senses and bountiful resources. And at the base of all of these is the Market, the core of the economy. Also, Dragonians can smelt the darksteel that you own into DRACO and keep it in your Wemix Wallet by linking it. DRACO can be traded through the Wemix App’s market.


  • Tap the Market tab in the Menu.
  • You can filter or search items registered in the Market by the categories you want.
  • Tap an item registered in the Market to check the recent average unit price, purchase quantity, and purchase price in the Purchase Info before deciding on your purchase.
  • In the Register Sale window, you can set the quantity and unit price of items and register them for sale, which costs Copper as a registration fee.
  • The registration fee is not refunded when you cancel the transaction.


DRACO is a FT(Fungible Token) asset that can be exchanged with other users from Wemix App’s market. You can keep it on your Wemix Wallet by paying some exchange fee including Derby by using smelt, or exchange DRACO into darksteel.

What is Derby (Daily Exchange Rate By Yield)?

It is a ratio of darksteel per 1 DRACO when you smelt darksteel into DRACO or the other way around. It is decided by a fixed number of 100k darksteel plus 1 out of 1 billion total darksteel mined from the day before the smelt and will be announced based on 00:00 (UTC+8) every day.

This means that you need to pay Derby of that day + smelt fee of 1,000 darksteel per 1 DRACO if you are making DRACO by using darksteel, and you can get darksteel with the same amount of the Derby of that day without paying any exchange fee if you are exchanging DRACO into darksteel.

Menu details

You can use DRACO from level 40.

Touch market from the menu > DRACO to move, or you can open the market through NPC Jae Joman of Bicheon Castle.

Note: You can’t use this menu if you are using a Guest account so please link your account.

  • Connection to the Wemix Wallet will pop up when you press the refresh button, and you can check the number of DRACO that you have in your Wemix Wallet if linked.

Note: You can link Wemix Wallet with one account only, and it can’t be unlinked.


You can smelt DRACO by using darksteel you have. An additional fee called Derby changes every day in accordance with the number of darksteel mined through the whole server.

  • 1 DRACO can be smelted by clicking the smelt button, using Derby of that day plus 1000 darksteel

Note: You can smelt 100 DRACO for maximum per day and 1,000,000 DRACO will be issued for the whole game.

  • You can register the number of DRACO that you want to smelt by clicking the Smelt button.
  • Press Input Complete button to make Wemix Wallet link pop up and smelt can only proceed by linking your account. (You can’t use smelt if you don’t link your account with Wemix Wallet)

Note: It takes a certain time to complete the smelt after register, and the result of the smelt will be sent to your in-game mailbox.


You can exchange DRACO that you own with darksteel.

  • 1 DRACO can be exchanged with certain amount of darksteel depending on Derby of that day.
  • You can register the number of DRACO by clicking the Exchange button and will be registered if you press the Input Complete button. (You can’t use the Exchange menu if you don’t link your account with Wemix Wallet as it was in smelt)

Note: It takes a certain time to complete the exchange, and the result of it will be sent to your in-game mailbox.

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