MIR4 – Definitive Craft System Guide

In Craft, you can use materials obtained by hunting or summoning to craft new equipment, combine equipment to obtain higher grade equipment, or exchange items.

Guide to Craft


  • Tap Craft – Crafting tab in the Menu to open the Exchange window.
  • 1. You can craft equipment, medicine, equipment materials, promotion materials, or Codex armor.
  • 2. Tap the Enhance button in Crafting Equipment to open Forge > Enhance window.
  • 3. Selecting a crafting material shows how it can be obtained.
  • 4. Crafting requires Copper, and Darksteel or Energy may also be used depending on the recipe.
  • 5. When crafting a Rare or higher equipment, tier 4 & enhancement level 8+ equipment of the previous grade can replace key materials.


  • Tap Craft > Combine tab in the Menu.
  • 1. You can combine special key crafting materials (Dragon Scale, Dragon Leather, Dragon Horn) and Spirit Stones, Skill Tomes, Spirit Treasures, or Magic Stones.
  • 2. Combining requires 4 items of the same type and grade.
  • 3. Choose sets of 4 items of the same type/grade that you want to combine, then tap the Combine button to combine them.
  • 4. Combining yields a same grade item or a higher-grade item at a certain chance.

Combine – Mystic Incense Burner

When combining Rare/Epic items fails, you gain 1 Mystic Incense Burner point.

When combining 4 Rare Spirit Stones fails, you gain 1 Spirit Stone Epic Incense Burner point. When combining 8 Epic Spirit Stones fails, you gain 2 Spirit Stone Legendary Incense Burner points.

At 25 Incense Burner points, you are guaranteed to receive crafting materials (Dragon Scale. Dragon Leather, Dragon Horn) of the incense burner’s grade, while Spirit Stone/Skill Tome/Spirit Treasure/Magic Stone/Demon Charm will be of a random grade.


  • Tap Craft – Unseal tab in the Menu to open the Unseal window.
  • You can unseal sealed boxes in the Unseal window.
  • Unsealing time can be reduced by receiving Clan Support or using Speed-ups.


  • Tap Craft > Exchange tab in the Menu.
  • Equipment can be exchanged for items of the same grade and tier. Skill Tomes and Spirit Stones are exchanged for random items of the same grade.
  • Exchanging an equipment resets its enhancement level and enchantment.
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