MIR4 – Karma System Guide

Karma is a system that shows relationships with other players you encounter in the Land of Mir as friends or rivals.

Karma Explanatory Guide


  • Tap Karma > Friends tab in the Menu.
  • You can check the level, Power Score, clan, and online status of friends on your Friends list, and add up to 50 friends.

Hit List

  • View your Alignment grade, Alignment Points, PvP ranking, total kills, and total deaths.
  • You can select either deaths or kills to view, and check the time and result of battles with other characters.
  • When you are killed by another character, you can tap the ‘Revenge’ button to check the resources and items lost and register the character who killed you in the Most Wanted list.

Most Wanted

  • View the Most Wanted list to check information about wanted criminals who have been reported and their bounty, so you can track them down.

Wanteds List

  • The Leader of a clan that is occupying a territory and the Elder with Warfare permission can nominate targets to place in the Wanteds List.
  • Placing someone in the Wanteds List consumes Gold stored in the Territory Warehouse, and if there is not enough Gold, the Gold in the Clan Warehouse is used.
  • When a character placed in the Wanteds List dies, they are inflicted with the Wanted penalty.

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