MIR4 – Codex Explanatory Guide

Registering items obtained by hunting, crafting, or summoning in Codices grants your character various abilities that helps with its growth.

Guide to Codex


  • Tap the Codex tab in the Menu to open the Codex window.
  • Completing a Codex increases your character’s stats, and a server Codex applies its effects to all characters in the server.
  • Limited time Codices apply to your character for a specific period of time only.
  • Items registered in Codices disappear.

Reputation Codex

  • You can craft armor, enhance it, and register it in the ‘Reputation Codex’ to gain various upgrade stats.

How to obtain Demon Charms

  • Crafting armor requires Demon Charms, which can be obtained by hunting monsters.
  • Field bosses have a chance to drop completed ‘Rare armor’.

Crafting and enhancing armor

  • You can craft in Craft > Crafting > Crafting Materials > Codex Armor menu.
  • Armor have grades of Uncommon/Rare/Epic/Legendary, and you can obtain tradable armor when crafting is a Great Success.
  • Armor can be enhanced by using Enhancement Stones of the same grade.
  • Enhancing can fail from Lv. 1, and the armor is destroyed upon failure.

Combining Demon Charms

  • You can combine items to obtain higher grade items in Craft > Combine > Demon Shard menu.
  • The promotion chances for each combining level are 10% for Rare attempt and 7% for Epic attempt.
  • Failing a Rare/Epic combining charges up your Mystic Incense Burner points.

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