Monster Hunter: World – Best Morphing Combos for Swax

What are the goto combos for when the monster is downed? Read the answer below.

Tips to Best Morphing Combos

It depends on the positioning and how the monster flails while toppled, wild morph is very powerful but doesn’t always work out. the main time to use wild swing -> morph sweep -> downward fade slash though is when you’re amped but low on sword meter, but still have a medium enough opening. on really long openings with limited meter you can do overhead slash -> double slash -> morph (axe: side slash) -> morph (axe: morph slash) -> double slash and keep looping like that (your morph slash substitutes the overhead you start with).

Sometimes you want to do the overhead slash -> double slash loop, or only those two attacks for short windows. for more medium length openings doing overhead slash -> right rising slash -> left rising slash -> double slash is worthwhile thanks to iceborne changes.

When you have amp and a topple is about to end and you deem it safe to latch on, finishing a combo with double slash -> element discharge thrust to start ZSD can be worthwhile too.

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