Mortal Online 2 – Guide to Gaining and Losing Weight

Explains how to gain or lose weight in Mortal Online 2 to change build attributes.

Gaining and Losing Weight Guide

Gaining Weight

Gaining or losing weight in MO2 is wholly based off one single thing. Health Reserves. The only reserve that has effect on Weight.

Gaining Weight is very simple. You have to go over the health reserve. That means you have to max it out and then keep eating after it is maxed out.

Then you will keep getting weight. I personally find gaining weight in MO2 easier than losing it. Much like in real life. Haha.

A neat trick is to have high hunger and then restore health reserve as much as you can by resting and then eating. If you are a human and have reserves regen clade called Shamanistic you can fully max out your health reserve and then eat. If you are everything else you can max it to about 75% by resting. After a while it will stop going up. Start eating.

Needless to say the more Health Reserve bonuses food has the more weight it will apply at a faster rate, as well as restore reserves faster.

Losing Weight

Losing weight is a bit more tricky.

It is still based off your Health Reserves. But the way it works is every time you burn a little bit of your health reserve be it through taking damage or doing something in-game that takes them away like for example killing off your character from character menu by pressing the in-game menu button “Suicide” you also lose a bit of weight (but not enough to actually notice the weight change until you do it a lot)

So the way to Lose Weight is to die while having Health Reserves and lose them

However, something not everybody knows is the amount of damage you take is the amount of damage your Health Reserves take, especially on death.

So if you have 150 health and you take 150 damage you die and lose minimal amount of weight because you take the minimal amount of damage to Health Reserves. That happens when you kill of your character through character menu too.

But if you were to take 200 or 300 damage you’d still be dead however the Health Reserves would take significantly more damage.

If you have a few Health Reserves like 100 left and say you take 5000 damage then it will still calculate taking all that excess damage to the reserve. That means you want to take as much damage as possible to lose weight faster. Because while it will not show you a negative measurement in Health Reserve. You will actually take -4900 to them and lose more weight than if you only took 100 damage.

Therefore, best way to lose weight is jumping off really tall cliffs while having some health reserves. Resting/eating and doing it again. Because Fall damage is the strongest and biggest source of damage in the game.

Just make sure you do not accidentally over eat and gain weight instead of losing. Make sure to stop eating by moving in advance before you exceed Health Reserves.

Alvarin with Aerialist Clade Perk take 50% Reduce Fall Damage so it is harder for them to lose weight by jumping off cliffs. With that Perk you lose weight 50% slower. As well as characters with high Landing Technique lose less weight due to taking less damage.

Some of the best places in the game to do that include Morin Khur divide, Bakti Cliff, and Hyllspeia mountains because they got priests nearby. But you can use any high cliff that suits you, really.

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