Mortal Online 2 – Trinket System Guide

A guide to the trinket system.

Guide to Trinket System

Introduction and Basics

Hello mortals, I’m getting lots of DMs every single day asking me how the trinket system of identifying and rerolling works, so instead of replying one by one I have decided to make my research public, i hope it helps you guys guessing what’s the best decision to make when trinkets are involved.

AFAIK this are the basics:

Loot Luck will give you a chance to upgrade the metal tier of trinkets given by NPCs you kill upon looting them (It also increases the chance of getting rare tier items if they are on the drop table of the mob you kill, like lexicon of death or capes).

Rare Trinket Luck will give you a chance to upgrade the gem tier of trinkets given by NPCs you kill upon looting them.

Skill Trinket Luck would help you to upgrade mods of primary stats when identifying or rerolling trinkets.

Trinket luck would help you to upgrade mods of secondary stats when identifying or rerolling trinkets.

Strength of Primary Stats and number of Primary Mods is reliant on the metal, you get an extra Primary Mod per tier.

Strength of Secondary Stats and number of Secondary Mods is reliant on the gem, you get an extra Secondary Mod per tier.

I need to do further research to see if the tier of metal can influence the gems stats or the other way around, if i ever get my hands on a Cuprum with Topaz+ or we get Skadite or Oghmiun flux i will be able to test this, otherwise is hard to say.


For Rings:

For Amulets:


Numbers with + need further data, just an educated guess or based on already seen results but they may go higher, others with ? are completely unknown to me.

Some stats like %damage have multipliers that allow them to past thresholds on most tiers, +%Free amor weight, +Health, +Stamina or +Mana secondary multiplier is x2 for example. This means that if i rol 6% Free armor weight or +6 Health they will only use 3% of my Total % Stat Cap.

I’m a 100% sure nearly all the tiers have decimal values but they always get rounded down.

I don’t know if luck can trigger more than once per trinket roll, its hard to say because of the global stat cap, if you high roll on the first lines any further line will be nerfed to lower values because of the total stat cap.

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