MultiVersus – How to Actually Play as Walter White or Saul Goodman (Mods)

This guide shows you how to play as Walter White or Saul Goodman using mods.


These mods are completely safe to play online as they are purely cosmetic.

You can’t have both mods installed at the same time as they both replace Shaggy.

Installing the Mods

Download these mods linked below:

Follow the path of folders shown below:

Next create 2 folders one HAS to be called “~mods” (any mods placed in this folder will be active).

This next step is optional but personally I would recommend making an extra folder to store in-active (it can be called anything you want).

Lastly, we need to extract the mods. Open whichever .zip file you downloaded and locate the .pak file. Next place that file in the “~mods” folder.


Congratulations, you can now play as Walter White or Saul Goodman in MultiVersus!

Here’s some gameplay:

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