No Man’s Sky – How to Get Unlimited Di-Hydrogen

I´m not an expert in this amazing game, but I want to share a way to get unlimited Di-Hydrogen. Once you have your Freighter, and you can start several frigates expedition, you´ll need a regular amount of it. So there are a couple of ways to get it. Maybe veteran players know it, but new players can find it useful.

Guide to Get Unlimited Di-Hydrogen

Just Mining

Simple. You´ll find it just everywhere, so get it as you see it, whether you need it now or not, cos you will. Not much to say.

The Never Endless Loop

As you may know, 30 Di-Hydrogen makes 1 Di-Hydrogen Jelly. But, 1 Di-Hydrogen Jelly makes 50 Di-Hydrogen units.

So, just make one Jelly and refine it again to get your Di-Hydrogen back plus 20. That doesn’t seem much, but if you do it in a big amount it grows as you keep doing it. If you refine 20 jellies in three refiners, it´ll speed it up.

There are two problems:

  • Refining from Di-Hydrogen to the Jelly takes time. Getting 20 jellies takes 20 minutes.
  • The other problem is the bug (not really sure if it´s a bug or something in the game) about things disappearing from the refiner as you leave the base.

That makes you stand there for a long time.

The solution is the Personal Refiner. Just keep using it constantly, Di-Hydrogen to jelly and jelly to Di-Hydrogen, as you wander around, do your business or whatever. It´ll take carbon constantly, but it´s easy to get.

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  1. Don’t forget that you need tritium for the frigate fuel as well which i just fly around space every once and awhile and chew up some astroids for. alot of the smaller rocks seem to be tritium

  2. I used to craft frigate fuel, I got pretty efficient at di-hidrogen cycling.

    Now i just steal it from frigates in space, way more efficient

  3. Just now tried this, it costs 40 DiHy to make a jelly, and you get 50 back in the refiner (I used the freighter refiner), so it’s half as efficient as this guide is currently.

  4. buy the jellys from space station they cost like 5 units and fill you hauler you can refine a whole hauler in minutes

  5. Just mining it is way easier now since the updates from three years ago. You can have several multitools, so you can fix one up with a beefier mining rig and then everything you shoot disappears in ususally a half second. You can gather a great amount of critical resources by just shooting a lot while exploring, with no boring special tasks. Take advantage of those cable and metal planets in your discovered systems. It is also beneficial to have a base where what you seek is plentiful.

    You don’t need a big base, just a small building with a teleporter, a save unit, and one or two storage units from your freighter and your favorite exocraft. I sometimes pass by the little ones and just mine the big crystals. I never let those go. When I come to a field I line them up in a row and go straight up the line. It goes faster that way. Before the later updates you could aim for the last one in a line and all of them would pop like ballons. Now you must go uo or down the line.

  6. I just use Minotaur/Car to mine a heck ton of di-hidrogen on a planet. It’s generating everywhere. 10-20 minutes on a planet and you’re good to go

  7. Not many people use mining grenades (I forgot the actual name, just getting back into the game for 4.0) but let me tell you something: You can blast the hecc out of a dihi patch in mere seconds. So just going for a walk on a planet where it’s in abundance will net you many stacks in a short time, especially /w a good tool.

  8. frigate fuel needs are why the Di hydrogen is needed most. You can use other resources to power your other devices. Not frigate fuel. Must have the Di-Hydrogen to make the fuel. You can also buy Di-Hydrogen jelly and refine it into Di Hydrogen. That’s how I eventually get my resource to make the fuel.

  9. refining is a set and forget thing actually. I have had things disappear from refiners on my Freighter usually leaving and coming back will bring them back. If you craft, unless I’m missing something you must select the “system appropriate” button for each and every one of the Di-hydrogen jellies you craft. That adds up to a bunch of time. Quicker to just mine it if you don’t trust the refiners keeping their contents. Refining is definitely quicker and more lucrative.

  10. You can just craft the Di-Hydrogen Jelly Instead of refining it, it takes 40 Di-Hydrogen, so you only get 10 extra Di-Hydrogen per jelly, but it’s much faster then refining.

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