No Man’s Sky – Infinite Units and Nanites

This guide will show you how to exploit a bug in the Day 1 Release of the newest update that allows you to get infinite units and nanites.


Yes, I am not joking or farming for points. You can get infinite money and nanites.

Its not very difficult either.

The Method

So, in the Outlaws update, it introduced a feature that makes it to where on a ship, not only do you have the regular inventory, you also have a cargo inventory. On most ships its pretty small, but can be upgraded.

However apparently when the team over at Hello Games were stress testing this feature, a very “easy to accidentally find” exploit slipped through the cracks.

When you are at a space center, you can trade things at the Intergalactic Trade Terminal. You can even trade items that are in your ship without having to leave the terminal.

Im sure some of you are putting the pieces together by now, but for the rest of you here ya go: you can trade items that are in your ship cargo from the terminal, however when you do… it dosent consume the items and you can repeatedly sell them over and over.

The Steps

  • Step 1: Go to a space station and open your ship inventory.
  • Step 2: Locate your ships cargo tab and put the item you want to infinitely sell inside of it. (For this guide I will be using wiring looms for units and a thermal upgrade for nanites.)
  • Step 3: Locate a trading terminal and open it.
  • Step 4: Hit the Sell button and press “c” to switch to ship inventory.
  • Step 5: Locate the item that you place in your ships cargo and sell it.
  • Step 6: Profit. The big brained among you may have noticed that the item didn’t disappear and you can sell it as many times as you would like.

For Nanites, buy or find any upgrade module that hasn’t been opened yet and repeat the steps except go to a ship/multi-tool/exocraft/backpack upgrade merchant and sell it the exact same way.

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