No Man’s Sky – Tips to Getting Salvaged Frigate Modules

How to Acquire Salvaged Frigate Modules (Easy Way)

If you want a real “easy-mode” run that will generate nearly ten times that many SFMs and gain units instead of spending them, while making nanites, acquiring cargo modules for ships and freighters, and stuffing tons of high-end crafting materials into your pockets, as well as multitool expansions… try Crashed Freighters.

Take a stack of Navigation Data to the Cartographer in a Space Station. Buy a stack of “Emergency” maps. Pick a planet with a nice friendly environment (or one you’re at least comfortable in), and pop open 4-5 maps in a row.

There are 5 types of encounters the maps will spawn; Observatory, Abandoned Building, Distress Signal (Crashed Ship), Distress Signal (Stranded Pilot), and Distress Signal (Crashed Freighter). You can have one of each active at any given time, which means that by “wasting” 4 of them, you can get into a loop of always getting the chosen site every time you pop a map. If it says something about not being able to spawn an identical location, keep trying to use it anyway; it will eventually let you do it.

Using this method for Crashed Freighters, once you have learned the layout/pattern and figured out that you don’t actually need to dig, it takes roughly 3 minutes to pop a map, leave a site, reach the next one, bash down 2 doors and open 6 cargo pods, and start popping the next map. I timed some runs with a stopwatch, from “leave a completed site after popping a map” to “leave the following completed site after popping a map”, and my numbers are between 2 minutes 50 seconds and 3 minutes 10 seconds, depending on whether I stumbled on some of the cargo pods, or had to give a particular map two dozen tries to get it to pop.

A tip: you can change the “hold E to confirm you want to do the thing” settings in the gameplay options so that it’s instant instead of taking half a second. It doesn’t work on everything, but “using a map” is one of the things it does work on… and it makes the grind of opening a map when there’s already 4 sites and you just need that last one over and over into a game of “tap E until it pops”.

Given the 7.5% chance for a given cargo pod to contain a Salvaged Frigate Module, and 6 pods per site, that’s 120 chances per hour. The wiki’s stated RNG says 9 will be SFMs. My tests, on the other hand, are closer to 13.5 per hour (on average). RNG will random, I suppose.

Regardless, testing indicates that I’m gaining ~20 million units and another ~20 million in high-end crafting mats (which puts a serious dent in the amount of junk I have to craft to make Fusion Igniters and Stasis Devices), while gathering more SFMs (as well as a bunch of other modules) than any derelict freighter runs I’ve seen.

Add in that I made 35,000 Runaway Mould (ie, 7,000 nanites) from the Residual Goo, Viscous Fluids, and Living Slime I pulled out of the Cargo Pods’ locking mechanisms… I’d say Derelict Freighters are a noob trap.

The numbers quoted above are from doing a full stack of 40 maps, gaining 27 SFMs over the course of 2 hours (and all that other potentially awesome loot).

Well, that and salvaging a wrecked ship, grabbing some eggs (ie, more nanites) from an abandoned building, seeing what an observatory reveals, and gaining rep/stuff from rescuing stranded pilots when I decide I’m tired of looting freighters… all of which can be accomplished without having to shoot anything.

Granted, if what you’re after is S-class freighter modules, the engineering panel can’t be beat… but why go to all the time, trouble, and expense if you’re just looking to get your freighter up and running in the first place? Farming crashed freighters is faster, cheaper (profitable, even!) and better unless the freighter upgrade modules are what you’re looking for.

…and if you’ve already maxed out your multitool, cargo storage, and freighter building components when its time to do derelict freighter runs, you can skip all the boxes (and briefcases, and lockers, and logs…) and just go straight for the engineering panel to get what you actually came for as quickly as possible.


40M units gained instead of 95M units spent, a bunch of nanites from cleaning out the cargo module mechanisms, plus multitool and freighter upgrades, on top of being more productive at producing the SFMs I’m actually doing this for in the first place?

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