Old World – The Menu Screen Guide (Advanced Settings)

The options here are pretty self-explanatory. This guide to draw your attention to the “Advanced Settings” tab, which you can access once you select the Nationyou want to play.

Guide to Menu Screen


You should spend some time exploring these options, as they can greatly change your Old World experience.

Setup Options

A few of the advanced setup options to consider are:

Number of Opponents

You can set this from 0 to 6, and obviously, the more opponents you start with, the less room everyone will have to expand and the more dynamic and complex the political situation will become.


There are three options here. Standard is recommended for most games, but if you want to really develop your leaders, then opting for Lengthy will give you more time to do that, while Realistic will drastically shorten the average lifespan of your leaders, which will make the game significantly more challenging, as anytime the reins of power pass to someone else, there’s always a period of adjustment and relative unhappiness on one front or another, so you’ll be dealing with much more of that.

Turn Scale

Changing this to Semesters, rather than years will greatly extend number of turns you get to play with your leaders, so this, combined with the lengthy lifespan option will give your leaders incredible longevity, giving you a more civ-like experience if that’s what you’re looking for.

  • The succession gender and order laws are fun to play around with, but generally not recommended until you’ve got several games under your belt and fully understand the implications of changing those settings.
  • Adjusting the tribal strength upwards will slow everyone’s expansion down and give an advantage to Nations that begin with the “Champions” family, as they’re just better suited to handling barbarians anyway.

AI Starting Advantage

In a normal game, the AI doesn’t get a big pile of resources at game start to give them an additional leg up (though they do start with some number of established cities, based on difficulty level). This setting changes that and is a bonus in addition to the number of starting cities. Good if you’re looking for an extra challenge!

AI aggression and development

These options will make the AI more likely to attack you sooner, and give them a bigger headstart.

No Characters

Removes all characters, families and events from the game.

Role Playing

Choosing this option removes popups that help inform your decisions when selecting between various event options. This makes the events much more about intuition than mechanics, which is (or can be) very cool.

Play to Win

This option alters AI behavior, especially in the late game. As any nation gets closer to victory, the other nations are much more likely to break treaties and dogpile the winning nation to keep it from victory.

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