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Warning! This guide contain large spoilers.

All Stormseeker Medallion Locations: Where to Find

There are 6 Stormseeker Medallions needed to complete the Stormseeker Bundle for the Temple of Gales and they are scattered throughout Bahari Bay, with the exception of Zeki giving you your first one when you’ve completed the “Vault of the Gales” quest by meeting him in the Night Sky Temple bundles room. Upon finding the other medallions, you also get an Ancient Treasure Chest so make sure you have inventory space when you go exploring!

Stormseeker Medallion #1

From Zeki when you meet him in the Night Sky Temple Bundles room in Kilima.

Stormseeker Medallion #2

The second medallion can be found among the random ruins east of Hideaway Bluffs when looking at the map. Hideaway Bluffs is the nearest fast travel point.

Stormseeker Medallion #3

The third Medallion (can be tricky, same location for one of the Emberseeker Medallions from the Temple of Flames bundles) can be found deep within the Windy Ruins tunnel. You must drop down the floor of the tunnel, go through a wall of vines, past a tilted statue, and fall to a hidden room with a floating sphere (Additional photos included below to help with pathing).

Fall down here.

Walk through these vines/leaves.

Past this tilted statue.

Stormseeker Medallion #4

This next medallion is on a small cliff edge under the wooden bridge to the Bahari Lighthouse. Pulsewater Plains is the nearest fast travel spot.

Stormseeker Medallion #5

Medallion #5 can be found on a small cliff edge west of the bridge to the Ancient Aqueduct. You can climb to reach it or grab a boost from the nearby geyser. Pulsewater Plains or Central Stables are the closest fast travel points.

Stormseeker Medallion #6

The last Medallion is on the broken ruin bridge south of the Flooded Steps. Climb up on the nearby hill and glide over to loot this chest. The Bahari Central Stables is the closest fast travel point.

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