Hero’s Adventure – Ultimate Beginners Guide

Definitive Guide for New Blayers

Go for Hell mode. It’s not that difficult. It’s more fun. Plus, you get to have max 4 talents. At first, you can only choose max 3 and be able to lock 1 as you are rolling for it. But as you play the game, and more achievement made, you will unlock max 4 talents, and able to lock 2. Plus, you will unlock Yellow Grade talent as well. I managed to unlock:

  • 自愈体质 – Self Healing Physique: Double the restoring effect from skills. (Forgot which achievement to unlock this).
  • 圣贤传人 – Sage Successor: All your 6 Values (Benevolence, Righteousness, Wisdom, Courage, Loyalty, Credit) will be 100 from the start. (Unlock this talent when your previous game all these Values reached 100).
  • 财大气粗 – Rich Power: Every g1000 you have, you dealt 1 extra damage. Up to 250. (Unlock this talent when your previous game collected total of g100,000).

And as you achieve more achievement, you get more attribute points to allocate.

I start of with these:


Strength: 6 (I go for 6 because you will gain 3 points extra by lumbering, mining, and fishing respectively, when you reach a certain level of these skills. And it’s achievable in early game as well). Now the total is 9. Then when you travel to ChuXiang City, and as you reach the wine tavern, a scenario will pop up. Either choosing to treat the guy with the specific wine (which you can buy it in LinAn City wine tavern for g1000) and receive a +10 Fist attribute item (only able to use when you reach 100 Fist) OR choose to pay for drinks together for g1000 (to get +1 Strength pill. I go for the pill, so my Strength is 10 and able to get the bonus stats.

Stamina: 10 (I go for 10 because all this while, there seems to be no other way for me to get Stamina points in the game).

Agility: 1 (I go for 1 because as you are running in the game, you will gain points. I managed to gain 3 points so far, so wonder it may up to 10 as I keeps on running while playing the game). Plus, there are talents and skill tree that can substitute my low Agility. For example:

Intelligent: 10 (You will be able to learn martial arts way faster. And it affects your teammates too). If you go for Sword, and wanted to join the 琅琊剑阁 Langya Sword Pavilion sect, then you need high intelligent, because one of your seniors will only pass his Purple Grade sword art to you if your intelligent is more than 6 or 9, I forgot. The only downside of having Intelligent 10 I came across so far is that you’re not able to get the Yellow Grade Ultimate skill art from the Stone Pillar, in your starting newbie forest hunting ground, where the red boar is guarding. But you will be compensated with a Yellow Grade experience scroll. If you prefer to have this Ultimate skill, your Intelligent point set at 1. Other numbers I did not try, but Intelligent 1, you’ll be able to get this Ultimate skill just by touching the Stone Pillar.

Luck: 1 (Doesn’t need to add anything on this, you will be able to get it up to 10 easily in the game). Go to ChuXiang City and touch the Hero statue. First, is the kowtow scenario, make sure your stamina is 100, and your health is about 250. After nonstop kowtow for 100 times, you will get a Purple Grade sword. Then the second scenario is to pray at the statue, again make sure your stamina is 100 – 130 (finish 100, eat some fish for another 30), you will up your Luck attributes to 10.


These are the talents I always roll for it. It’s useful.

Yellow Grade:

  • 万里独行 – Lone Travel for Thousand Miles: every battle you’ll get extra +25 qi energy, with every member in the team will reduce -5. (This will make your actions faster; you’ll be able to hit enemies first and few more times)
  • 天煞孤星 – Lone Star: Combat experience gained x 3 and your damage is doubled. (You can level up damn fast. You need it, because the higher level you are, the easier as you progress)
  • 神行无忌 – Bravery: You gained +2 extra squares to move in battle. (Which is good where you can move farther) If you not yet unlock 自愈体质 – Self Healing Physique, I recommend getting this instead.

If you only can max 3 talents at the moment, then the last one I recommend getting this Purple talent instead. The best so far for me.

  • 身如鬼魅 – Ghostly Body: +20 qi energy at all times. (You’ll be damn fast now together with your Lone Star).


You can select up to 3 items to start with. Select gifts instead on pills. You doesn’t need pills at all from the start. I recommend:

  • 粗茶 – Rough Tea
  • 大海碗 – Ocean Bowl
  • 绮红小史 – Red Novel

As to why I chose these three? Will be explained below.

Why? Because The Rough Tea is to gain favorability with the doctor to get Healing attribute. Choosing option 1 when you talk to the doctor will gain Healing attribute +5. If you choose option 2, you will only get a sickle. Up the favorability to 50 with the Rough Tea. Progress his scenario first, until you give him the Yellow Grade mushroom that you found in the forest, and subsequently he will join your team. Get him on board, so you can get his internal martial art, 调息法: Internal Healing. This internal martial art is damn useful for you from starting to mid game. Every battle action will regain internal energy up to 35. You will never run out of internal energy.

Then, you need the Ocean Bowl to increase favourability with the Hunter that you met in the forest to get the taming skill and the story line that leads to Yang family hero character. And you will need the Yellow Grade mushroom you found from the forest to heal his sickness as well. So, remember not to use that item on yourself. No worries, you can find 2 Yellow Grade mushroom in the forest. Since, you met him in the forest earlier, so give him all the Ocean Bowl to up favourability to 50 and get a quest to fix his bow. When you go to the village, visit the Blacksmith for this quest. You need to buy a dog meat from the Butcher guy for the Blacksmith to fix the bow. After fixing his bow, will lead to another scenario where he needs the Yellow Grade mushroom for his sickness. Your teammate with the doctor, will proceed on healing him. No need to recruit him, he already passes you his Blue Grade spear martial art. I haven’t come across future scenario that required him.

After this, he will have another scenario where he needs to have a Ground Wine to drink. Can buy it from SiLiang in the Tavern. This will lead to his Yang family line story telling. (Yang Hero is in the Granary Camp, ChuXiang City). You can proceed with this quest later, no need to buy the Ground Wine as of now. If you got the money, then go ahead. And you can leave your doctor teammate as well.

Now the Red Novel is for the Story Telling guy that stand in front of the Tavern. Give him all the Novel you had and proceed to his quest of getting SiLiang’s handkerchief. Buy 10 make ups item from the seller that carrying two buckets. Then proceed to the Tavern to meet SiLiang. But before that, make sure you have g500 on you to tigger a scenario at 12pm – 4pm as you enter the Tavern.

Note: You must be wondering where to get so much money? Sell your stuffs. You don’t need at all at this stage. Sell your meats to the Butcher, animal skins to the Hunter. When you have your tools and able to farm, then sell your tree branches to the Lumberjack, herbs and worms to the Doctor, and save last to sell your ores to the Blacksmith. Keep on selling your loots. You don’t need those loots at this stage.

So back to the g500 to enter the Tavern at 12pm – 4pm. You will trigger a scenario with the Ye family daughter. Treat her meals g500, and she will pass you a Purple Grade item. Which only can be identified as your Identification level is higher or from a certain NPC. Then proceed to SiLiang, up favourability to 50, and get her handkerchief. Pass to the Story Telling guy to complete the quest and can add him to teammate to get his Blue Grade Fist martial art. Leave him as of now and try to up the favourability until you get his Talking skill. This Talking skill is useful as not to insult the Prince in ChuXiang City when you first saw the Hero Statue.

You can proceed to trigger the World Event quest before you progress with the 3 days’ time limit quest in the Temple. About 8am – 4pm, on the map you can proceed to Northwest from the village. To open up an area and trigger a scenario with the Ye family daughter again and the World Event story telling guy. After the fight together with Ye family daughter, take the Northeast road, that leads to an R&R station that sells food and some wines. Here you will meet a mysterious guy, and you need to buy Wines to up his favorability.

After you complete your 3 days’ time limit quest from the Temple, come back here to up the favorability to 100. It will trigger a fight with a lot of enemies surrounding you and the mysterious guy. Do not let him die. After the battle is won, he will give you 3 maps. Each map is a location for treasure in 3 cities. Each treasure will have g10,000 + other goodies. So you will have lots of monies to move around.

If you wield sword, you can proceed to the village and complete the Blacksmith quest to bring him to Langya Sword Pavilion. And you will join the sect automatically. If you’re Fist, then you can proceed to ChuXiang city to trigger the tavern scenario as stated above. It will leads to scenario in LinAn city, and DaLiang city, and then you will be accepted into the 道玄踪 : Dao Temple. But first you must up your Benevolence Value to 80. You can gain it by getting more teammates favourability up or NPC favourability up in those cities. No worries, by the time you did that and reach DaLiang, you most probably already 80 in Benevolence.

After your 3 days’ time limit quest in the Temple, and getting treasure map from the mysterious guy, most probably you just have enough money to travel to one city. It’s ok, just leave the village map first, because you’ll be wasting time if you keep on dawdling there and trying to hunt boars for money.

Let’s talk about the Village, and scenario that I encountered afterwards:

  1. If you carry g500 or more, will trigger the Little HongQi beggar scenario as you walk in or walk out of the village. After he snatched your money, you need to quickly look for him to trigger the correct scenario. If you let it be for a long time, another scenario will occur when you meet him, which you will not be able to get his staff martial art skill. You can up his favorability to 100, but first need to up SiLiang to 100, so when a scenario triggered where he wants to eat good food from SiLiang, you don’t need to buy from SiLiang. I did not bring this character along, so I do not know what scenario will trigger in other places. Maybe non.
  2. SiLiang assassination attempt scenario will trigger when you up her favorability to 100. And this scenario is essential that will lead to another quest when you go to ChuXiang city with her. The assassination scenario requires you to look for at 12am – 2am in the Tavern, where enemies will pop up and try to kill her. No worries, they are softies. And regarding her dowry quest, you can ignore it for the time being. Can complete it when you have the money. You will only receive a Purple Grade accessory equipment. Benefit stats are not that useful anyway.
  3. Hunter guy. After getting all the information about the Yang hero character, he did not trigger any scenario while in ChuXiang nor in the Village map. So I left him and did not bring him to anywhere else. Not sure he will trigger anything else.
  4. The Village Chief is very important, he will trigger the 12-zodiac quest. This quest might be the final event, never know, because it’s kind of difficult to collect all 12 zodiac rings. Before you return to the village, you need to have more than 10 paintings gift items and you also can buy some from the seller that carries two buckets in the village, to up his favorability to 100, and he will trigger this quest. You will need to go to the underground storage in his room to open the chest that required a Yellow Grade key that he gave you. You will receive one of the 12 zodiac rings. Additionally, as you return to the village after some time, the chief will also give you a quest to save Little Bao from bandits. After you complete it, remember to return to the bandit hideout, and destroy the wooden bench box that the leader was sitting previously. There is a Yellow Grade key. Talk to the chief again after all these scenarios, and he will direct you to a Pavilion. A new area will be unlocked on the Village map. Go there to trigger the 12-zodiac cave scenario by talking to the Saint in the Pavilion. Visit the cave.
  5. Don’t forget to up the favorability of the Blacksmith to 100. In his chest, there is a Blue Grade internal martial art, which can increase Critical Rate by 10%. Exchange the key from his pocket.

Let’s talk about ChuXiang city, and scenarios that I encountered:

  1. Hero Statue: as stated in my Part 1 Guide, the Hero Statue can give you a Purple Grade sword and up your Luck stats to 10.
  2. Bring SILiang together to this city and talk to the Inn worker (after his favorability reached 100), if I’m not mistaken, it will lead to telling you the underground fighting arena access. He will inform you of the password, and you need to go to the house, where there is a guy standing next to a big flower/fish pot. Once you’re inside, talk to the guard and trigger SiLiang assassination scenario, fight in the arena and win the championship, will lead this quest to DaLiang city gamble shop. If you want to complete this quest now, then travel to DaLiang gamble shop to meet the owner, and she will inform you who is the person that hired assassins to kill SiLiang. Spoiler Alert: It will lead to LinAn city, the librarian inside the King’s manor. After a fight breaks out, SiLiang will give you options. Choose to pass the case to the King to settle, will gain favorability of the King. Choose to let SiLiang handle the case, she will gain an Ultimate martial art, but the King favorability will reduce.
  3. After some time in ChuXiang or after you get the Purple Grade sword and Luck +10 from the Hero Statue, you can proceed to the martial association. As you enter the ground, you will trigger a fight scenario. Choose represent self to fight in the championship, and you will get a Purple Grade internal martial art for hidden weapon.
  4. If you think you’re strong enough, then go to the Inn to trigger ChuXiang martial championship scenario by talking to the NPC that sits next to the door. Proceed to the martial association for registration, win the test, then proceed to the courthouse and talk to the Judge for the championship. Once you win, you will have a few options from the Judge. Each option has its own rewards. Choose the last one, that will give you a Yellow Grade key. Once you out of the courthouse, you will trigger Ye family daughter scenario. (Each city will trigger her scenario, and after completing hers in all three cities, you will be able to recruit her, back in Ye family camp in ChuXiang world map. This is essential because you will get an Ultimate martial art from her father. Oooooh~ If you missed the Stone Pillar ultimate martial art, you better get this one.
  5. Since you won the previous championship by representing yourself at the martial association or your ChuXiang reputation reached a certain level, once you reach the courthouse, you will trigger an inspection scenario at the Granary camp. This is also an opportunity for you to access the Granary camp to look for the Yang family character. But first you must complete the quest that was given by you by a corrupted official that you encountered at the City Quest Board area. Which is to get 10 wolves’ teeth at the Wolves Valley. While you’re in the Wolves Valley, go deep and you will see a spear struck on the ground. Get that spear. Its Yang family ancestor’s spear, which you need to let Yang family hero character to see, in order to trigger his line of story. Go into the cave while you’re at it. You will get another 12-zodiac ring from the treasure chest in there. Once the Yang family hero saw the spear, he will want to join you. Add him to your team if you want to proceed with this story. Bring him back to the Temple in the Village map. His story will proceed, and you need to destroy the altar. There is an underground storage below the altar. Access the storage with him, and you will get his Purple Grade Yang family spear martial art.
  6. In the Inn, after you take a rest for 4 hours, will trigger the beautiful venom girl scenario. Beat her and defend her from enemies by yourself. You will be able to recruit her. She is essential for another recruit later in LinAn city area map. Make sure to bring her along when you travel to LinAn city and your Benevolence Value is above 80. Go to the small herb garden which is located at the Southwest from the LinAn city. She is needed for the quest to recruit the beautiful healer girl.
  7. Dirty Street Monster hero character. As your ChuXiang reputation grows, you will be able to talk to him and give gifts to raise his favorability. At 50, will trigger a quest to help his friend to get out our jail. You need g5000 to bail him out. Get him out, and then ask him to return the favor. He will pass you the Yellow Grade bowl that he stole. Then you can continue to increase the Dirty Street Monster hero character favorability to 100. Recruit him to get his Purple Grade fist martial art. Destroy the box next to him, will have an alternative access to another area of ChuXiang city. There is a treasure box hidden between trees. Look for it. Hahaha.
  8. Temple inside ChuXiang city. Previously there is a quest to get a Purple Grade martial art, but after the new version update, it seems no longer available. But it turned into a scenario that led to the opening of a new area outside of the city. A Lover’s Tree, where you can marry your female teammates in the future. The function is not yet fully open I think.
  9. City Board Quests. There is a yellow ranked quest that requires you to find a treasure in the city. This is essential. Look for it. Every city has this quest. A total of 3 and combining these 3 items will open a new area outside of DaLiang city. A cemetery. I’m still exploring the possibilities of any heroes will trigger any event there.
  10. Tame the cat behind the Wine Tavern. Requires Purple Grade fish, which you can fish it outside of LinAn city. Head southwest from the city towards the mountain just below the herb garden. You will open up a waterfall area. You need a total of 7 Purple Grade fish to max the favorability of the cat if I’m not mistaken. Then the cat will give you another 12 zodiac rings.
  11. Ding family. When his favorability hits 100. A scenario to marry her daughter will trigger. Once you married his daughter, you can access his hidden storage in the house. A lot of money. Not sure will have any other benefits or potential scenarios if you marry her daughter. But you will have difficulties if your teammates are girls. Hahaha. Your wife will jinx you.
  12. ChuXiang General Lu manor. You can join and work under him. He will appoint you to a rank and you can get a daily salary. In order to trigger this, you can talk to the guy sitting next to the Venom girl in the Inn, to trigger a scenario, that requires you to get a luminous cup from the Dirty Street Monster OR you can trigger another scenario via destroying the QingFeng Hideout that is located Northeast outside of the city. Yes, destroying a sect that you can join as a Blade wielder. To trigger this scenario, you need to save the two bandits that you met in the Wolves Valley. They will let you access the sect ground later on, and you can go inside and look for a corrupt official that is been held captive. Save him. He will pass you his seal, and you present the seal to General Lu in his manor. He will send his troops. Return to the Hideout, and a scenario will trigger. Destroy the sect together with the soldiers. After that, return to General Lu to complete the quest. Now you can serve under General Lu. Not sure what will lead to, I tried several tasks under his wings, but no progress. Maybe need to do more in order to trigger something.
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