People Playground – How to Obtain Potion Seller Achievement (Exotic Liquid Recipe)

How to get the Potion Seller achievement easy.

Potion Seller Achievement Guide


  1. Spawn an atom bomb, an empty flask, and a water breathing syringe.
  2. Connect the atom bomb to the flask with a blood vessel wire.
  3. Then connect the water breathing syringe to the flask with a blood vessel wire.
  4. Now the achievement should be unlocked.

If you want to inject something with it

  • Connect the exotic liquid flask to an empty syringe with a blood vessel wire.


  1. also if you want the “radiant” Achievement, injiect this substance into a human. also thx for the guide

  2. my potions are too strong for you traveller! they would kill you! find a different potionseller who makes weaker potions!

  3. you don’t need the water breathing serum for radiant achivement you just need to connect an empty syringe to atom bomb then dissconect the blood wire set empty syringe to push and…. you get the achievement

  4. Funfact : I got this accidentally when i injected the radioactive syringe plus every syringe that gives buffs to a human

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