People Playground – How to Build a Working Elevator

This is a simple tutorial, on how to build a working elevator. It takes 2 minutes to build it.


You will need:

  • Any amount of items for your elevator look.
  • 1 Battery or Ind. Generator (Depends on how fast you want your elevator to be).
  • 1 Shock Detector.
  • 2 Radio’s.
  • 1 Winch [Most Important].
  • 1 Industrial Gyrostabiliser.
  • Walls and Ceiling.
  • Fixed Cable.
  • Wire.
  • Propagation Wire.
  • Android Bot for testing the height.

Step 1

Place all items as shown on the picture, don’t worry! Just take your time to understand everything and build it.

Step 2

Well done! You can setup some settings for your experience. Have fun!

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