People Playground – Kill Milestones: How to Get

Methods to get all the Kill achievements in People Playground.


Hello! This is a guide for the game People Playground. In this guide, I will show you how to get all the achievements for killing a certain amount of people. These include:

  • Murderer (Easy)
  • Serial Killer (Easy)
  • Mass Murderer (Normal)
  • Massacre (Normal)
  • Genocide (Hard)
  • Extinction (Hard)


This is most likely the first ever achievement you will ever get in People Playground. Surprisingly, out of everyone who bought People Playground, 3% have not gotten this achievement.

If you are that three percent, you’re in luck.

To get this achievement, you must kill one person. That’s it.

Slam a human into the ground, shoot a human in the head, stab a human in the chest, do whatever to brutally murder a human. You should get the achievement.

Serial Killer

This is likely the second achievement you will ever earn in People Playground. To get this achievement, you must kill at least three humans.

Do whatever to them, just kill three.

Mass Murderer

This achievement is a little harder than the previous two, as you need to kill 100 people.

You’ll most likely get this achievement by just slamming people around and messing around with them. You can also, if you know how to, set up a machine with a Life Detector, a gun, some wiring, a human, and a Life Syringe.

For example, you could put a Life Detector slightly above a sitting human, then get a one-way Propagation Wire connecting the LIFE DETECTOR to the GUN. When the Life Detector detects an alive human, it will signal the gun to fire until no life is detected. Don’t forget to pause the game and freeze the gun and the human.

However, this would only work once, unless we attach a never-ending Life Syringe. You can take a Liquid Conduit and connect the Life Syringe to the human. This way, when the human dies, the Life Syringe immediately heals the dead human back to life. The Life Detector will detect the live human, fire the gun, and repeats.

However, there are many ways to build a machine like this.


You need to kill 1000 people to get this award.

This is harder than the other three, but if you built the machine I described previously, you can just copy and paste it by highlighting the entire contraption, hitting CTRL + C, and holding CTRL + V and release when you find a spot you would like it.

This will get you the achievement faster, at the cost of your performance, depending on how many of these contraptions you place.


This achievement is much harder than all the other ones described. You need to kill 10k (10,000) people.

Copying the contraption you might’ve built for 100 kills won’t work, as that MAY crash your game. Instead, let’s get a safer, and arguably more effective, method.

INFO: You will need the ‘Smart Spawner’ mod. You can search for it in the workshop for People Playground. This mod will let you spawn ANYTHING in the game. You can read more about it on it’s description. Make sure you activate the mod after installing it.

First, get a few Decimators. These are machines that completely eradicate anything that touches it. Activate the Decimators after you feel like you have enough, but have at least 5.

Next, pause the game and place the Smart Spawner. Turn the Smart Spawner upside down, and place it above your Decimators. You need to keep a fair distance between the two. Be sure to freeze the spawner.

Then, right-click the Smart Spawner and scroll until you see ‘Set item.’ Once you do, click it and type in the box ‘Human.’ It is important you spell it exactly like how I spelled it, otherwise it will not work. To make sure it spawns a human, activate the spawner. It should spawn a living human.

After, you may think we’re done. We are not, though. The human falling into the Decimators does not count as a kill. The Decimators just dispose of the asset on screen. To negate this, right-click the spawner and go to ‘Set item temperature.’ Then, input the temperature as ‘999999.’ This will spawn a human with a body temperature as 999999 degrees. It will calibrate to your measurement you are using. Make sure it works by spawning a human, highlighting it and clicking ‘Inspect.’ Wait a few milliseconds, and if you see ‘dead’ on the human, then it works. This counts as a kill.

However, the Spawner is not constant, so we’ll need a metronome. Spawn the metronome and click ‘Disable heat damage.’ Then, set a Propagation Wire from the METRONOME TO THE SPAWNER. Activate the metronome, then you’re finally done!

Additionally, if you want a faster automation, you can change the metronome rate to make it tick faster. However, you’ll also need to change the Pushing Force of the Spawner, just so bodies and bodies don’t lag the game further. You’re free to experiment! Try tinkering with the metronome rate and pushing force of the spawner to your needs.

In the end, the machine may look something like this:

In this image, I copied and pasted the machine a few times to make it go even faster:


This is by far one of, if not the, hardest achievement. You need to kill 1 million (1,000,000) people.

You want to likely copy more of those contraptions you made, both the previous one and the Life and Gun machine.

You can also look on Google and YouTube for better machine you can make to get this achievement. Only about 4% of players have this achievement. You can be one of the 4%!

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