Phasmophobia – Cursed Objects Guide

Guide to Cursed Objects

Music Box

The music box is an item that plays music, which is a no-brainer given its name after all. I sometimes hear ghosts singing in the game, so I imagine this music box will make a ghost manifest for a ghost event or ghost photo opportunity.

If you use the music box for too long or use it near the ghost, it will start a search after the song ends… and this search will be much longer than usual.

Voodoo Doll

Also called the “Tortured Voodoo Doll”, it is an improved version of the voodoo dolls that you sometimes find on the map.

When used, it allows you to force the ghost to make an interaction of some kind in front of you, either by turning on a light or closing a door. Be careful as it drains your sanity every time you use it. In my opinion the only use this would have would be against ghosts that do not interact in any way.

Ouija Board

The old classic is back. There isn’t much to explain about this other than the fact that:

  • Can answer new questions.
  • You can ask how much sanity you have.
  • You should say goodbye to it once you are done using it.
  • You can no longer fail questions about him.

If you’ve used it before, you already know how it works, so no need to double-check.

Haunted Mirror

This mirror allows you to see where the ghost is. Think of it as an advanced Ouija board, but you can ONLY use it to locate the ghost room. Needless to say, this will also drain your sanity.

Summoning Circle

Light the candles in the summoning circle to summon the ghost for a free Ghost Event and Ghost Photo; but it will hunt immediately after a few seconds of standing in the circle. Use it with extreme caution.

Tarot Cards

It is a deck that brings with it a package of 10 unique cards, where each one brings with it random effects, ranging from forcing a ghost to interact with an object, making it move or even generating effects on teammates , going to face supernatural activities that you should not face, it is a negative effect similar to other cursed objects, our sanity is drained with these effects, it is ideal that we take into account this guide of the Tarot cards, then let’s see what follows next.

  • Death: cause the ghost hunt
  • The devil: a paranormal event starts
  • The fool: the previous letter is ” canceled ”, it’s like a joke xd
  • The hanged man: kills us instantly
  • The hermit: prevents ghosts from doing activities for a short time
  • The moon: lower sanity to 0
  • The Priestess: revive a dead companion
  • The sun: raises sanity to 100
  • The tower: gives great strength to the activity of the ghosts
  • The Wheel of Fortune: 25 Sanity is lost if burned red and 25 Sanity is granted when burned green

I recommend this video to understand them more

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  1. Thank you for the Tarot card part especially! I have played about 40 games since the release, and have only had the cards twice, so not enough to test out!

  2. The voodoo doll pushes in a random pin when used, it is very much worth noting that if the heart pin is pushed in it starts a cursed hunt.

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