Destiny 2 – How to Get the 30th Anniversary Seal

Please note: all credit goes to Aokii!

And how long it will take you to get it (up to 3 weeks).

Guide to Get the 30th Anniversary Seal

Lets see what you will be taking home

In order to get this triumph you have to spend 20 keys (on the chests in eternity), there is no real reward for it and is a easy to get triunph which you could do next to other important triumphs like Legend completions or other stuff.

Fateful Spin

This triumph will reward you a emote. every week complete the dares of eternity activity on Legend difficulty. each week there is a set rotation of enemies in the activity, and you have to face them all (not at once). this triumph is the most annoying as you have to wait for the rotation.

Repeat Winner

This triumph is easy and you will be rewarded with the charging up emote. (Anniversary emote) all you have to do is complete the dares of eternity activity 20 times on any difficulty.

Special Guest Scar

For this you have to defeat the xur’s chosen enemies (which only spawn during the lightning round) and im pretty sure that it counts if you just complete a full lightning round.

Old Friends, Old Couch

This triumph rewards you a multiplayer emote. In order to complete this triumph you will need to complete the dares of eternity activity on legend difficulty with 4 people or 2 people in your fireteam, if you can use gjallarhorn with catalyst as that makes ad-clearing easier and don’t forget to check what the boss is so you can stand on the right plate and get that sweet starhorse’s favor.

Daring Displays

This triumph will reward you a shader. Complete starhorse bounties, the legend difficulty bounty will reward around 6 points to the challenge and the first 3 will reward you 1 point per completion. Remember to focus on completing the bounty in 1 run as the bounty resets everytime you dont complete it.

Paraversal Prize

This triumph is a free one if you obtain the forerunner exotic sidearm.

For this triumph you have to obtain the exotic sidearm called the forerunner, once you get it the triumph is free for you.

I included a video to help if you dont have it yet.

Grasp of Avarice Complete

This one has a reward (I dont know which one) and you can do it while doing the richest dead man alive triumph, so be sure to focus on that one as this one just requires you to finish the dungeon, which you cant complete if you haven’t paid for the anniversary pack.

And Out Fly the Wolves

This triumph has no reward but, you need to obtain the exotic rocket launcher from destiny 1, the gjallarhorn in order to get the triumph. And also you need the anniversary pack to get the gjallarhorn.

Here is a guide on how to get the gjallarhorn:

The Richest Dead Man Alive

This triumph will reward you a ornament for the exotic Gjallarhorn.

In order to get this triumph you have to collect all 12 bottled messages in the Grasp of Avarice dungeon.

I also included a video with where to vind all the bottles in the dungeon, so be sure to get those.

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